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COLORSTEEL for Insulated Panels: A Versatile and Aesthetically Appealing Solution

The New Zealand climate makes conversations around proper insulation in buildings a must. Well-insulated buildings are easier to keep cool in the summer and heat in the winter, helping to reduce the amount of energy consumed and the cost associated with controlling internal temperatures.

Using COLORSTEEL for insulated panels results in an engineered system that provides framing, insulation, and exterior sheathing all in a single component that is suitable for both roofing and wall cladding applications.

“It’s a specialised product, made with COLORSTEEL using a Zincalume steel substrate,” says Evgenia Znarok, the business development manager at COLORSTEEL. “This ensures that the panel is both an effective insulator and able to protect against the elements in a variety of environments.”

Malcolm Taylor of Malcolm Taylor and Associates, specified Metalcraft ThermoSpan prefabricated insulated panels for both the roof and wall cladding of their Kinloch House project.

Consisting of expanded polystyrene between two skins of COLORSTEEL, the system provides excellent thermal performance without the need for secondary insulation. Historically, insulated panels were primarily used for warehouses and other large structures due to the time saving benefits offered during the installation phase, but today this system is gaining a reputation as a sleek, unfussy external expression that adds to the modernist theme, a style known for its true-to-form materiality. (Read more about Kinloch House here)

One of the standout features when using COLORSTEEL for insulated panels is its versatility in design. The wide range of colours and finishes available provides the freedom to unleash creativity and achieve your vision. Whether blending seamlessly into the natural landscape or making a bold architectural statement, there are endless possibilities.

“Insulated panels are very lightweight, so they are not hugely labour-intensive to install,” says Evgenia. “They’re also very durable and easy to maintain. Insulated panels constructed with COLORSTEEL come with extensive warranties backed by New Zealand Steel, offering both the designer and project owner, peace of mind.”

Whether you're constructing a new home, commercial building, or industrial facility, using COLORSTEEL for insulated panels is the smart choice for superior performance and lasting beauty. Backed by decades of industry expertise and innovation, COLORSTEEL offers peace of mind where performance is paramount.

View more information on COLORSTEEL, including contact details.
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COLORSTEEL for Insulated Panels: A Versatile and Aesthetically Appealing Solution
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