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AVENTOS HK Top: The Compact Lift System that’s Packed with Functionality

Blum are the experts in creating versatile lift mechanisms that complement design concepts. With the new AVENTOS HK top range, they have downsized the componentry to make it unobtrusive while providing a comprehensive range of options so designers can specify the ideal solution.

AVENTOS HK top is all about delivering reliable opening and closing, in a package that consumers find attractive and installers find easy to work with.

Because it’s much smaller than previous lift mechanisms, it increases the space inside cupboards. It’s ideal for settings where homeowners want to reduce visual clutter and maximise utility while retaining the ability to specify a wide range of materials.

The AVENTOS HK top system works with cabinets up to 600mm high and 1800mm wide, providing unparalleled latitude to create customised storage solutions. With the EXPANDO T fixing system, designers can combine AVENTOS HK top with thin fronts — from 8mm to 14mm. They can also deploy AVENTOS HK top with door thicknesses up to 30mm.

For those contemplating an engineered stone or ceramic cabinet front to complement concrete walls — no problem — AVENTOS HK top is up to the job.

And for clients attracted to thick plywood, or that have fallen in love with the ‘wet’ acrylic look? AVENTOS HK top enables designer to deliver a cohesive design because it provides practical opening solutions for just about every material.

It's not just about the look — homeowners also love the way AVENTOS HK top operates. The lift mechanism glides softly, rather than springing up to an awkward height when eye-level cupboards are opened. Homeowners won’t need a step ladder to bring the door down again.

This effortless operation is also ideal for handle-less designs, so sophisticated minimalism becomes supremely practical.

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