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A Fireplace in a Kitchen Bench is Possible

Modern Escea gas fireplaces can flue under the floor and run flue for up to 12 metres, making a fire in a kitchen island possible.

Considered the "heart" of a home, kitchens are often the most multi-functional room in a house. Installing a fire in the kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is a practical choice: connecting kitchen and living areas, providing warmth, comfort and ambiance in the place where people gravitate to most.  Installing a fire into an island maximises space while making dramatic design statement. 

The Escea DL Series fireplace can flue under the floor so you can specify a fire in an island installation. In the case of a concrete slab floor use a PVC pipe to allow space for two flexible pipes between the fire and a wall mounted flue cowl.  For flue installations longer than 4 meters, a poly-pro extension flue should be used.

The possibilities for Escea fires in a home are nearly endless, providing a modern twist on the traditional idea of having a fire directly in or near a cooking area.

Escea Architectural Detailer Grant Simpson can assist in specifying fires in kitchen scenarios and even ducting heat to other parts of the house on the DX Series models.  

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