Sustainable Living

with Jerome Partington

Jerome is a Sustainability Manager and Associate Principal at Jasmax as well as Chair of Living Future NZ, a not-for-profit organisation. He is a recognised leader in the field of sustainable building in New Zealand who trained as an architect and has prior experience as an educator and builder.

24 July 2017

Problem or Potential? Evolving NZ Design for a Thriving Future

Creating living buildings opens up conversations about design, sustainability and regeneration of natural resources.

19 July 2016

Time to Detox the Building Industry with Declare

Declare labelling provides low-cost assurance to architects and consumers that your products are healthy for the environment.

21 September 2015

The Precautionary Principle: Eliminating Harmful Products from our Buildings

If we aren't sure about a chemical or product's toxicity or health impacts, we shouldn't use it. 

16 March 2015

Practical Steps to Transform our Built Environment

I've written several posts which highlight the big challenges and likely outcomes New Zealand is facing by our current 'unsustainability' – especially issues of growing social inequality and unmanageable climate change.

23 October 2014

Integrated Design with Bill Reed: NZIA Seminar Series

Kiwis like to get things done – fast. The quicker the design period and the faster the build, the fewer overheads and less risk to the client and contractor. It makes good business sense. Or does it?

27 August 2014

The Challenge of Building a Better NZ

I talked in my last blog about the global and local sustainability crunch hitting people and communities hard across NZ and how we need to reconnect our future vision with nature – our key ally.

29 May 2014

Creating Living Buildings: Short Course on Sustainability

This month we introduce Jerome Partington to Detailed. Jerome is an expert in sustainable building practices and is a Senior Associate at Jasmax, where he helps create some of the most advanced sustainable projects in New Zealand. 

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