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Deadlines and Newsletter Dates

Detailed blog posts can be submitted at any time during the month, but there are cut-off dates for publication in our e-newsletters.

See an example of our monthly Detailed Digest newsletter

Below you can find the dates for upcoming Detailed newsletters along with cut-off dates for having your blog post included in each newsletter. We will send reminder emails one week before, and again one day before these cut-off dates.

Month Blog posts due
Newsletter sent
June 2024 Tuesday 18 June Tuesday 25 June
July 2024 Tuesday 23 July Tuesday 20 July
August 2024 Tuesday 20 August Tuesday 27 August
September 2024 Tuesday 17 September Tuesday 24 September
October 2024 Tuesday 15 October Tuesday 22 October
November 2024 Tuesday 19 November Tuesday 26 November
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