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XLAM Site Solutions

XLam Site Solutions offer construction professionals time-efficient and easy to install building solutions. XLam Site Solutions are a series of prefabricated Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) products and components that address some of the more complex on-site challenges.

XLam Fire Doors

XLam walls can now be supplied with certified XLam Fire Doors, rated for up to 60mins and pre-fitted in a controlled factory environment.

  • Fire rated CLT wall with pre-installed fire door
  • Supplied as a complete fire door set: door leaf, door jamb and seals.
  • All compliance certification for the door including compliance tags fixed to the door leaf and jamb.

XLam Fireshield

XLam coated in FireShield systems achieves a Group 1-S fire rating. 

  • Simple two coat system with easy application
  • Superior clear finish
  • Group 1-S fire rating

XLAM Xtreme Mat

XLam Xtreme Mats help protect vehicles and heavy equipment in sensitive and unstable ground environments.

  • Lighter and stronger than alternative solutions
  • Cut to size; no onsite rework required
  • Fast and efficient to install
  • Approximately 20% lighter than the weight of concrete
  • Can be transported to site in large volumes and lifted into place with forklift, hiab or small crane.

XLam X-traint Fall Restraints

XLam X-traint fall restraints are certified as 1-man and 2-man freefall restraint anchors. 

  • Ductile and designed to deform on impact — taking significant energy out of fall for superior safety performance
  • Easy and fast to fix to proprietary RAMPA connections
  • Certified to AS/NZS 5532:2013
  • Can be re-used multiple times

XLam X-Floors - Industrial 

The XLam industrial floor system consists of ready-to-install timber floor panels that are CNC machined from solid XLam CLT. 

  • Can be manufactured to maximum length of 16m and width of 3.5m
  • Lighter and faster to install than conventional metal deck concrete slabs
  • Achieves greater spans between supports without the need for propping
Scope of Use

XLam Fire Doors

Suitable for:

  • Internal doors only
  • Single hung door or double acting door
  • CL3/105 XLam wall – 105mm thick (minimum)
  • If there is a lap joint in the wall, the lap shall be a minimum of 150mm from the door opening.

XLAM Xtreme Mats

Suitable for:

  • Heavy traffic ground cover protection
  • Environmentally sensitive ground cover protection
  • Temporary road systems (extreme ice, wetland or rugged terrain)
  • Heavy equipment ground stability cover (cranes, construction equipment, mining)
Other Performance Attributes

XLam Fire Doors - Product Specifications

Fire rating: FRRLeaf ThicknessMax Leaf Dimension (h x w)Leaf Weight Acoustic Performance
Single hung - 30mins
FRR -/30/30
44mm  2650 x 1200mm 19.8kg/m² STC 33 unglazed
STC 36 glazed
Double acting - 30mins
FRR -/30/30
55mm 2200 x 1200mm 24.3kg/m² No acoustic rating
Single hung - 60mins
FRR -/60/60
55mm 2650 x 1200mm 28.2kg/m² STC 33 unglazed
STC 36 glazed
Double acting - 60mins
FRR -/60/60
55mm 2030 x 1030mm 24.3kg/m² No acoustic rating

XLam are dedicated to the supply of sustainable engineered building solutions in natural solid wood.

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