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V30 Flush Distribution Board

Vynco's V-Series Boards allow the base to be installed at pre-wire stage, and for the purchase of the door and surround at the fit-off stage, with 'Box Ahead' from Vynco. 

The V30 Flush Distribution Board is a part of the Vynco V-Series range of meter boards designed and engineered in New Zealand.

Key Features
  • The base, door and surround are created from plastic which means this product is hard wearing and fit for a secure residential installation
  • Latching doors 
  • Deep metal base 
  • Bases made locally in Christchurch
  • Matches V Series switchboard aesthetic
  • Assembled within New Zealand 
  • Pre-punched for data componentry (6” centres) and power sockets
Scope of Use
  • Residential and commercial 
Statement of Building Code Compliance

 The above specified fittings or electrical appliances comply with the requirements of Regulation 69 of the Electricity Regulations 1997. 

Additional Information

Vynco is a leading designer, distributor, and manufacturer of electrical components to the domestic, commercial and industrial markets within New Zealand.

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