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Top Mounted Mechanical Channel - Panorama and Metropolis

The Unex Systems’ Top Mounted Channel System “Panorama” is a frameless glass infill cantilevered from an aluminium top-mounted channel using mechanical fixings, which can be finished in a colour of your choice.

Key Features
  • Designed for standard heights up to 1200mm from finished deck level
  • Range of colours - can be powder coated or anodised in all standard NZ colours
  • Specifications available for an additional hand rail option - “Metropolis” 
  • Standard specifications available for fixing to dry/membrane timber, open/wet timber and concrete substrates
  • Specifications for non-standard situations may be provided by Unex Systems upon request
  • Aesthetically appealing – at only 110mm high and 90mm wide
  • Installed only by Authorised Fabricators, available nationwide
  • Designed for wind speeds up to 64m/s (ULS)
  • Glass infill to be Grade A Safety Toughened with a thickness of 12mm (most common) or 15mm
  • Cut outs required in glass at each mechanical clamp fixing
Scope of Use

The “Panorama Top-Mount Channel” by Unex Systems can be used for both external and internal applications, including decks, balconies, stairways and landings and pool fences, etc.

Unex Systems’ Arena brand is designed to and complies with “A”, “B, E” and “C3” loadings of AS/NZS 1170.1:2002 for residential applications, office and work areas, as well as areas for moving people without obstacles.

There is a number of standard fixing options available to fix to the top of dry/membrane timber (with water-proofing considerations), wet/open timber and concrete substrates. Site-specific specifications may also be provided upon request for those non-standard situations.

The standard powders used by Unex Systems – the Interpon powder coat range - can be used right down to sea level, provided the care and maintenance instructions are adhered to.

Limitations on Use

The Unex Systems Arena brand is designed for residential situations, office and work areas, as well as for areas with moving people, but cannot be used for “C1/C2”, “C5” or “D” Loadings.  

In these applications, Unex Systems recommends the use of the "Extreme Barriers" range which has been specifically developed for these higher loadings in crowd and public situations.  

There are certain risks to consumers associated with glass balustrades where no other form of top rail exists. Refer to “Glass Requirements” sheet (available for download on the right) and in particular, the “Risk to Consumers” section, for further information and to make an informed decision.

For certain buildings such as architectural sky rises (over 3 stories high), light commercial and high pollution areas, a higher grade powder coat powder must be specified.  

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Unex Systems has designed its Arena range to comply with the B1, B2, F2 and F4 requirements of the NZ Building Code and are suitable for occupancy types “A”, “B, E” and “C3” in accordance with AS/NZS 1170.

Producer statements for all standard specifications can be created online in the registered area of the Unex Systems website.

For non-standard situations not covered by our specifications, a site-specific PS1 and specification may be prepared by Unex Systems upon request.

In-Service History

Unex Systems has specialised in designing and manufacturing architectural balustrade systems throughout Australasia and beyond since 1981.  

This “AZM Panorama” frameless glass style has been incorporated in Unex’s range since 2006 and was one of the first frameless systems with mechanical fixings on the NZ market. This system has since been used in numerous projects throughout New Zealand including high rise towers, residential apartments, pool fences, etc.

B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
F4 Safety from Falling compliant
Safety from Falling
Product Assurance
Installation Instructions
Maintenance Instructions
Producer Statement
Other Literature
Arena Balustrades Brochure
Authorised Fabricators
Colour Range
Glass Requirements
Specifiers Balustrade Handbook
UNEX Authorised Fabricators
UNEX Balustrade Handbook
CAD/PDF Details
Arena AZM Top-Mount Channel Style


AZM, Dry Timber Fixing


AZM, Wet Timber Fixing


AZM, Concrete Fixing


UNEX Systems specialise in the design and manufacture of an innovative range of proprietary architectural barrier and screen solutions.

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