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Energie Aquapura Monobloc Domestic Water Heating — Small to Medium

Aquapura Monobloc domestic water heating system is an air-to-water heat pump suitable for small to medium-sized homes.

The compact, slimline design of the all-in-one cylinder means there's no need for a separate exterior heat pump unit.

The average power consumption is between 400-700 W. Water in the cylinder is heated to 55°C. See the BRANZ funded Level website for information on how air-to-water heat pumps work.

Key Features
  • All-in-one stainless steel cylinder
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet operation
  • High performance energy savings
Scope of Use
  • Aquapura Monobloc is suitable for use in any type of residential building where hot water is required:
    • Apartments
    • Townhouses
  • Working conditions: Outside air temperature: -5° to 40°C
  • It can be used for both new builds and in existing houses or as replacement cylinder
  • There are 3 models suitable for small to medium houses, or for between 1-5 people
Small to Medium Homes: 1-5 People
Product: Cylinder:
Aquapura Monobloc 100esm  100 litre enamel
Aquapura Monobloc 250i  250 litre stainless steel
Aquapura Monobloc 300i  300 litre stainless steel
Limitations on Use
  • The cylinder must be housed inside or under cover as the electronics must not get wet
  • Depending on the location of the Aquapura Monobloc, 160mm flexible ducting may need to be installed to duct air to an/or from the unit

Aquapura Monobloc must be installed by a qualified plumber. Relevant installation documents can be supplied by The Alternative Energy Company on request. 

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Aquapura Monobloc systems, if designed, used, installed and maintained in accordance with the statements and conditions of the technical literature, will meet or contribute to meeting the following provisions of the NZBC:

  • Clause G12: Water supplies

The products meet the requirements set out in the following documents, or relevant parts of cited standards within the documents:

  • Energie's UE Declaration of Conformity for Aquapura Monobloc, 2014/35/UE; 2014/30/UE 
Other Performance Attributes
  • The average power consumption is between 400-700W
  • Water in the cylinder is heated to 55°C
    • Max. water temp Eco Mode: 55°c
    • Max water temp Boost Mode: 70°C
  • To combat the risk of legionella, once a week the temperature is raised to 65°C to kill any bacteria

The Aquapura Monobloc products are manufactured to the highest standards and certified under the following management system:

  • EU Regulations 812/2013 and 814/2013 confirmed by CATIM Test Report, report ref 20164001581/10. 

 Warranty and Maintenance

  • 5 year warranty on cylinder
  • Maintenance is almost non-existent


Data Sheet: Aquapura Monobloc 250 & 300
Supplier Declaration of Conformity
Supplier Declaration of Conformity
Test Results
Brochure: Energie Aquapura
Additional Information
FAQs: Energie
Level Website: Heat Pump Water Heating

The Alternative Energy Company is the New Zealand supplier of solar thermodynamic hot water systems made by Energie (Portugal), and Eurothane GP PIR insulation panels made by Recticel (UK).

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