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Orca Civil Architectural Stainless Grate & Channel

Orca Civil drainage products are for architectural applications and corrosive environments.

Orca Civil drainage products have a 100mm - 300mm clear opening and are packaged with stunning, slip resistant stainless steel grates. The Orca SV series is manufactured from corrosion resistant polymer concrete with cast in stainless steel edge rails. Orca polymer concrete is non flammable, frost proof and resistant to weathering and diluted acids and alkali.

Key Features

Trench Drain:

  • High resistance to chemical and biological attack
  • Lightweight compared to cement concrete products
  • Excellent noise and vibration absorption
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Good weathering and UV resistance
  • Zero water absorption
  • Can be cut with masonry drills and grinders
  • Can be recycled as rubble or crushed for use as road foundation
  • Approximately 4 times the flexural strength of cement concrete
  • Good thermal properties and stability
  • Ultra smooth finish which encourages efficient hydraulic flow

Channel Drain:

  • Orca drain comes in 100, 200 and 300mm clear opening with different depth option
  • Orca also offer a wild range of grating finishes to suit channels, including stainless and galvanised heelsafe grating, and heavy duty ductile grating
Scope of Use

Orca Civil drainage products are designed to be used in:

  • Industrial settings
  • Commercial settings
  • Residential settings

Some specific applications include:

  • Train stations
  • Petrol stations
  • Educational facilities
  • Community centres
  • Waste management and disposal settings
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • AS3996:2006 — Access covers and grates
  • AS4586:2013 — Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surfaces
  • AS1428.1 — Design for access and mobility
Pricing & Availability (Contact Details on S&T Website)

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