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UltraTherm Xtreme – Derbigum Membrane Warm Roof

The UltraTherm Xtreme — Derbigum roof incorporates the RoofLogic Base Deck, RoofLogic PIR insulation, RL Roof Board HD and Derbigum modified bitumen. Rooflogic Base Deck can also be swapped out to use plywood or concrete as a substrate.

Key Features
  • Thermal performance: RoofLogic PIR insulation provides the highest levels of insulation relative to thickness. Thermal breaks are eliminated and thermal performance is maintained over the life of the roof assembly
  • Acoustic performance of the system is enhanced with the introduction of single or multiple layers of Securock and with the introduction of sound-absorbing vapour barriers
  • Buildability: The RoofLogic Base Deck can be installed at lengths to suit the purlin lay-out and site conditions. Fast installation of Base Deck provides a dry working environment below and safe working environment above
  • Durability: The inclusion of RoofLogic Roof Board HD makes the UltraTherm Xtreme system highly resistant to impact
  • Derbigum membranes and ancillary products are used as part of the completed two layer Derbigum installation
Other Performance Attributes

Durability: The inclusion of RoofLogic Securock makes the UltraTherm Xtreme — Derbigum system highly resistant to impact. PIR insulation board has a relatively low compressive strength (approx. 20 psi) and is easily damaged which in turn compromises the long-term integrity of the roofing membrane and the thermal performance of the system.

Securock has the highest compressive strength of any roof board (1800 psi), ensuring resistance to environmental impact and repeated foot traffic. This is critical to long-term waterproofing and thermal performance.

BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
Data Sheet
Acoustic Performance
About Derbigum Membrane

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