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Nogging Systems

Rondo Nogging is suitable for internal or external wall framing, with options for fitting during or after the installation of wall studs. 

Continuous Nogging Track:

  • Can be fitted to the stud framing in one length, or individual Noggings can be cut from the track
  • The Rondo Nogging Track is produced in 0.70bmt to suit all Studs sizes, except for 150mm Studs which is produced in 0.75bmt for additional support

Continuous Nogging Bracket:

  • Where ply or timber Noggings are required, such as for the support of heavy cupboards and flat screen TVs

Double-Punched Nogging Track:

  • Where a back to back stud set out is required, or where MAXIjamb or DUPLEX Stud is being used
  • Similar to standard Nogging, but it has a bigger punch out to fit the wider Stud arrangement. Its introduction has been well received as it replaces the need to cut and notch Standard Nogging Track and therefore reduces time spent on site.

FAST-FIX Nogging:

  • Can be fixed after the stud and track framing has been installed, making installations quicker and resulting in labour cost savings
  • Suits any Stud size and all typical stud applications, whether it’s single, boxed, back to back and staggered stud configurations
  • Can also be used with both the Rondo MAXIjamb and DUPLEX Stud profiles
  • FAST-FIX is processed to suit 300, 400, 450 and 600mm Stud centres
Key Features
  • Manufactured from Bluescope G2 steel with Z275 coating
  • All Noggings designed and tested to suit all Rondo Steel Stud & Track Systems both internal and external
  • Designed to meet and often exceed all relevant Building Codes and Standards
  • Lightweight FAST-FIX Noggings are supplied in boxes to make handling simpler, safer and more secure and to reduce wastage due to damage
  • FAST-FIX Nogging offers two installation methods: face fixed or using braced ‘bend-out’ tabs for screwing to stud webs
Scope of Use
  • Installation whilst framing is being installed: Single & Double Punched Nogging Track
  • Installation after framing has been completed: Continuous Nogging Bracket, FAST-FIX Noggings
  • Provides rotational stiffening to wall framing
  • Assists in keeping wall studs parallel and square to one another avoiding potential for lipping of lining board at joints
  • Opportunities for providing additional axial capacity for internal load bearing walls by Rondo Engineer Design
  • Retro-fitting of Noggings is simpler, using FAST-FIX Noggings — just cut out narrow strip of lining board on one side and fix Nogging
Limitations on Use
  • Rondo recommends its products and systems are installed by a qualified tradesperson and according to the relevant codes and standards
  • In addition to the information in the Nogging Design Manual professional advice should be sought
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Designed to meet and often exceed all relevant Building Codes and Standards
Other Performance Attributes
  • All Noggings designed and tested to suit all Rondo Steel Stud & Track Systems both internal and external
Complete Rondo Design Manual
Nogging Manual


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BPIR Statement: Quiet Stud


BPIR Statement: Steel Stud Drywall Framing


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