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Ceiling and Wall Systems — Acoustic

Rondo offers a selection of Acoustic Mounts that complement their range of wall and ceiling systems and have been tested to comply with the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).

Rondo Resilient Acoustic Mounts and the Rondo QUIET STUD System provide economical and practical solutions way of achieving the acoustical requirements of the NZBC.

Key Features
  • NZBC Compliant Acoustic Systems for both walls and ceilings
  • Addresses Airborne and Impact Sound Performance
  • Compatibility with each Rondo System
  • The range of acoustic mounts and clips incorporates a rubber acoustic pad
  • Suitable for a range of wall and ceiling applications
  • Rondo's STWC Clip provides impact sound insulation improving the performance of the plasterboard, acoustic batt, wall or ceiling lining
  • Rondo's BETAGRIP Sound Isolation Clip delivers an innovative design which encompasses the above acoustic properties whilst providing adjustment for the level of the plasterboard lining.
Scope of Use

Suitable for Rondo Wall and Ceiling Systems:

Rondo Resilient Acoustic Mounts are suitable for use:

  • With the Rondo KEY-LOCK Concealed Suspended Ceiling System and multi-layer plasterboard linings when suspended or directly fixed:
    • Beneath a concrete slab
    • Beneath a timber floor
  • With Rondo Furring Channel and multi-layer plasterboard linings, and mounted on:
    • Timber stud walls
    • Masonry walls
Limitations on Use
  • The Rondo QUIET STUD is considered a continuous construction and therefore may not generally be acceptable for walls between opposing sole occupancy units.
  • QUIET STUD is not acceptable for separating walls between habitable and non-habitable rooms in adjoining sole occupancy units.
Other Performance Attributes

Rondo commissioned acoustic experts, Norman Disney & Young Acoustic Services to advise, monitor and analyse an extensive programme of airborne sound and impact insulation tests.

Rondo's acoustic testing was carried out in controlled laboratories at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and CSIRO at Highett, Victoria.  

Complete Rondo Design Manual
Design Manual: Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Systems
Rondo Design Wizards
BPIR Statement: Quiet Stud


New Zealand Made Licence


Sample Warranty
Rondo Distributors
CAD/PDF Details
STDC Concrete to Stud Wall Sound Isolation Mount
STPC Purlin Direct Fix Sound Isolation Clip to Furring Channel
STSL 120 Sound Isolation Assembly with Adjustable Through Bolt
STSL 180 Sound Isolation Assembly with Adjustable Through Bolt
STSL 65 Sound Isolation Assembly with Adjustable Through Bolt
STSL 85 Sound Isolation Assembly with Adjustable Through Bolt
STWC Wall/Ceiling Sound Isolation Mount - Screw Fix
WHIB Blue Rubber Hanger Isolator
WHIG Green Rubber Hanger Isolator
WHIP Pink Rubber Hanger Isolator

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