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Robertson Bathware

Robertson import Europe’s most innovative bathroom products, offering a full range of toilet suites, basins, furniture, tapware, showers, baths and accessories.

Flaminia (5)

Ceramica Flaminia produces high-end bathroom fixtures made from ceramics. Read below to learn about the company's journey, values, designers, and more.

All production is created in our factories in the Civita Castellana district, where all the steps are carried out, from prototyping to modeling, from casting to enamelling up to baking. A complete cycle within the tradition and quality typical of Made in Italy, which allows us to successfully export to over 70 countries around the world.

Efficiency, quality, research, innovation make Flaminia one of the most prestigious witnesses of “Italian know-how”, respected and recognized all over the world.

Behind each product in the Flaminia catalog there is not only the intent to enrich the range, but the desire to experiment with ceramics, open a path for the design of the future, propose a new bathroom aesthetic, bring to light a product that, declining colors and shapes, it expresses character and personality.

Flaminia have always placed the emphasis on chromatic research. They conceive color as a design element like form and function and not just a decorative element. A wide palette of colors that ranges from matt textural shades, such as Argilla, Fango and Carbone, to bright and glossy colors. There is no shortage of glossy metal finishes, Gold and Platinum, metal opaque, Silver Black and Silver White.

Gosilent: is the new Flaminia very silent flushing system. It represents the evolution of goclean project which combines the elimination of the rim with the reduction of noise.

Gosilent system makes easier the cleaning of the internal part of the wc and grants maximas hygiene at every flush with a smaller water consumption and, finally, has an original design. But its great innovation is the silence: the reduction of noise using a gosilent wc is about 50% compared to the same model in the goclean version.

A remarkable improvement for both private homes and contract projects, for great apartment buildings and in general for all public spaces where concentration and silence are required.

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