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Robertson Bathware

Robertson import Europe’s most innovative bathroom products, offering a full range of toilet suites, basins, furniture, tapware, showers, baths and accessories.

Alice (3)

Quality, innovation and a hint of pride.
Founded in 1998 in Civita Castellana, Italy, Alice produces more than 100 pieces per day with 100% of our creations coming out of the Civita Castellana factory. The contribution of ideas and creativity from our partners allows us to produce products of great value with originality and passion. Our know-how derives from a long standing tradition in ceramic processing which represents the cultural heritage of our region. Quality, innovation and a little bit of pride make our creations unique.

Green Vision
Alice is a member of GBC Italia, an association that promotes a process of transformation of the Italian construction market through the promotion of the third-party certification system and its own protocols (GBC systems) expressly developed for the specificities of the Italian market, whose parameters establish precise criteria for the design and construction of healthy, energy efficient and low environmental impact buildings

We have always believed that company growth also passes through particular attention to green topics, which is why in our factories the consumable raw materials are all recyclable and a 500KW photovoltaic system has been installed with the goal of expanding it in the near future.

Factory and Innovation
We are committed to designing, manufacturing and bringing to market innovative products and solutions. The innovation cycle is a mission that we carry out with the aim of keeping up with times by introducing modern and functional collections on a regular basis.

We are a environment in which workers, technicians and designers work side by side, with an artisanal method which also benefits from the most advanced technologies such as the tunnel oven or a high level of mechanization. The production unit is spans over 20,000 square meters and an extension is planned with a new “Alice 2” plant for an additional 10,000 square meters.

Aliglaze+ is applied to the surface of ceramic sanitary fixtures such as washbasins, toilets, and bidets. It is designed to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, ensuring that the surface remains clean and free of germs. This type of glaze has been shown to be highly effective, capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of the bacteria present on the surface of the ceramic. The effectiveness of the glaze depends on its composition, which includes antimicrobial agents like silver, titanium and zinc ions that prevent the growth of bacteria. In addition to its antibacterial properties, the glaze is also designed to resist wear and abrasion. This ensures that the glaze remains effective over time.

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