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Fireshield 1FR Clear Intumescent Timber Coating

Fireshield 1FR is a halogen-free, waterborne intumescent base coat developed for use on structural timber work and wood product surfaces. When exposed to high temperatures derived from flames or intensive heat radiation from fire, 1FR forms a thick layer of porous foam that extinguishes the flow of heat to the treated surface.

It can be easily sprayed, brushed or rolled on to deliver a superior architectural finish. Water based, it is less sensitive to heat and moisture, resulting in fast drying times without additional on-site requirements for heat and moisture control.

Fireshield 1FR must always be used in conjunction with Fireshield's clear varnish sealer Fireshield TOPcoat 1FR.  Together Fireshield 1FR and TOPcoat 1FR comprise a technical painting system, comparable to common varnishing of even surfaces.

Key Features
  • Fireshield 1FR System has been tested and rated compliant to Group 1-S in NZ Building Code (ISO5660 Part 1 & 2)
  • Protects both wood surfaces and load-bearing timber structures
  • Protects internal load-bearing wood from fire, therefore reducing cross-sectional areas required, or omitting the need for encapsulating boards
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple to apply 
  • Delivers a clear, superior architectural finish that preserves and enhances the aesthetic value of natural wood
  • Fireshield TOPcoat 1FR, is offered in matt (gloss value 7) or low-sheen (gloss value 20).
Scope of Use
  • Fireshield 1FR is designed to prevent spread of fire in internal wall and ceiling linings made of solid wood or chip-board.
  • Fireshield 1FR is also used for fire protection of structural timber works.
  • Designed to protect untreated timber surface linings to achieve Group 1-S rating
  • Suitable for use on solid timber, woodfibre, chipboard, or most engineered timber products.
  • Can be applied to any species of timber, new or old.
  • Roller, brush or airless spraying can be used for application (Consult Resene Technical Services for recommended type of tools). 
  • Fireshield 1FR must be always be protected with Fireshield TOPcoat 1FR
  • Water-based stains, without adhesives or binders, may be applied prior to treatment of Fireshield 1FR if required for decorative purposes.
Limitations on Use
  • Wood surface must be untreated and must be free from dust and grease
  • Certain kinds of fatty wood, e.g. teak, should undergo a test coating of a small area to determine the adhesion.
  • Application should be avoided at temperatures below +10 C.
  • The paint should be kept at room temperature to aid easy application
  • The moisture in the wood must be carefully examined and it must not exceed 15% for undressed wood.
  • Fireshield 1FR is sensitive to moisture and must therefore always be used in conjunction with clear varnish sealer Fireshield TOPcoat 1FR, which is offered in matt (gloss value 7) or low-sheen (gloss value 20)
  • Structures that move because of mechanical stress or that are constantly exposed to a higher humidity than 75%, e.g. doors and windows, are less suitable.
  • Fireshield 1FR is clear.  Use Fireshield 2FR for coloured intumescent paint
  • Fireshield can only be applied by approved applicators
  • Contact Resene Technical Services for more information and application instructions.
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • The Fireshield 1FR System has been tested in New Zealand and achieves Group 1-S, according to ISO 5660 Part 1 and Part 2. Consult Resene Technical Services for additional information and test certificates.

Other Performance Attributes

Helps to achieve various environmental standards including Living Building Challenge Certification.

C Protection from Fire compliant
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