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ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki

A Japanese-inspired blend of fine china clay and lime from ROCKCOTE. Otsumigaki (Otsu) means pressed or polished plaster. It is a beautiful alternative to painted walls, delivering a smooth, evocative aesthetic, with a subtle lustre.

Key Features
  • Smooth and tactile surface
  • Colours: Can be tinted a wide range of colours
  • Finishes: Distressed, Smooth, Burnished or Lustre
  • Undulations: Level, Lightly Undulating
  • Group 1S classification
Scope of Use
  • ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki can be used over all common interior building substrates
  • Colours: Can be tinted a wide range of colours from within the Resene Total Colour System. Excludes ultra deep base colours
  • Applied by hand — two coats and then polished with a Japanese Trowel and Carnauba Wax. The polishing process compresses the lime and clay creating a soft, smooth, even feel across the surface and a pearly lustre finish.
Limitations on Use
  • Not suitable for use in wet areas, e.g. shower cubicles, or areas that are cleaned with disinfectants regularly
  • Not suitable for exterior use
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • B2 Durability — 15 year durability
  • F2 Hazardous Building Materials — complies
  • Group 1S classification
In-Service History

Otsumigakki has been successfully applied to numerous, premium commercial and residential projects since its release in 2014.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Contains no cement and is 100% bio-degradable
Additional Information

Creating beautiful and durable exteriors with premium, trusted Rockcote and Plaster System product ranges.

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