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Marblestone Italian Lime Interior Finishes

Rockcote Systems' Milano range of interior finishes are designed and made in Italy, using premium Italian marble and lime. Based on an ancient building material which originates with lime and marble. Natural lime plasters have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians.

Originally, they were strictly used for the protection of structures. Italian artisans took it to another level, they added natural pigments to enhance it’s decorative applications, the result today — Rockcote’s Milano Interior Finishes.

Milano Interior Finishes have either natural colour pigments, or can be pre-coloured from within Resene's The Range Whites and Neutrals colour chart to complement existing décor.

All Rockcote Milano finishes are hand applied by trowel, and brought up to a high polish, with a waxed finish, that is smooth to the touch.

Traditionally used internally providing a striking, yet subtle solid marble effect to enhance and define any interior.

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Creating beautiful and durable exteriors with premium, trusted Rockcote and Plaster System product ranges.

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