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Bending Plywood

A flexible structural ply, laminated either cross or long grain, suited to complete a desired curved project. Flexibility is achieved through the open grained texture allowing the veneer layer on the outer curve to expand and the inner curve to compress.


Key Features

Sheet size: 

  • 2440x1200: 4mm — 270mm approximate bending ø — BC Interior/Long or Interior/Cross
  • 2440x1200: 6mm — 345mm approximate bending ø — BC Interior/Long or Interior/Cross
  • 2440x1200: 9mm — 375mm approximate bending ø — BC Interior/Long or Interior/Cross
Scope of Use

Suitable as a forming substrate for curved features:

  • Reception counters
  • Wall linings
  • Furniture 
  • General cabinetry
  • Forming architectural features
Limitations on Use
  • Forming substrate only — not a finishing grade plywood 

Plywood is a natural product that can be affected by changes in weather conditions: moisture and temperature. Increased moisture content or temperature variation may cause internal stresses causing previously flat sheets to bow. At Plymasters precautions are taken to minimise this effect. However, once the plywood has left the warehouse Plymasters cannot guarantee sheets to remain flat unless fastened. This is particularly important where free standing kitchen/cabinet doors are concerned. Stack on a firm raised base with enough support to prevent sagging. Cover the pallet to protect top and edges.

Other Performance Attributes

 Approximate bending approximate bending ø:

  • 270mm: 2440x1200: 4mm 
  • 345mm: 2440x1200: 6mm 
  • 375mm: 2440x1200: 9mm 

 BC Interior/Long or Interior/Cross


Additional Information

Plymasters are a specialist plywood and Timber veneer supplier with a stock range consisting of veneered boards, HPL panels, and architectural linings.

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