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Darkon Linear and Curved Recessed Profile Lighting

From Darkon, Melbourne comes a range of recessed and curved LED lighting profiles.

Darkon supplies architectural lighting, proudly designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. Darkon is dedicated to the local design and fabrication of a comprehensive range of proprietary extruded aluminium profiles designed by Director, Dean Phillips. 

  • GRAZER REC is a recessed profile with downward illumination, using a slim 30mm lens and 3 LED options
  • HIP TRIM is a recessed profile, featuring a light tray with a built in reflector for efficient downward light output
  • TRIM RADII REC is a curved profile which can be combined with linear lengths to create a variety of shapes. Available in 3 radii, and 2 angles
  • SLIM TRIM is a slimline recessed profile for use with light tray 40 LED
Key Features


  • Finish: white/black/silver/custom
  • Lamp: DPAL 20/60 24V Flexible LED Tape
  • Tridonic stark lle 16mm
  • He g4
  • Wattage/lumen p/mtr
  • 24V DPAL20: 7.8W/313lm p/mtr
  • 24V DPAL60: 17.7W/649lm p/mtr
  • HE 14.0w/1,235lm p/mtr
  • Lens: Opal V


  • Finish: white/black/silver/custom
  • Lamp: tridonic stark lle 24mm
  •  he/ho at 350mA g4
  • Wattage/lumen p/mtr
  • He 16.5w/1,646lm p/mtr
  • Ho 31.0w/3,129lm p/mtr
  • Lens: Opal V
  • Combo de glassed/ asymmetrical/ focus
  • Ingress rating: ip22 


  • Finish: white/black/silver/custom
  • Lamp: tridonic stark lle 16mm
  • He/ho at 350mA g4
  • Wattage/lumen p/mtr
  • He 16.9w/1,276lm p/mtr
  • Ho 31.4w/2,502lm p/mtr
  • Lens: Opal V
  • Ingress rating: ip22


  • Finish: white/black/sliver/custom
  • Lamp: tridonic stark lle 24mm
  • He/ho at 350mA g4
  • Wattage/lumen p/mtr
  • He 16.0w/1,276lm p/mtr
  • Ho 31.0w/2,552lm
  • Lens: opal v, combo de glassed/ asymmetrical/ focus
  • Ingress rating: ip22/ip44
Statement of Building Code Compliance

SDOCs available upon request 

In-Service History

108 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC

  • Blades of SLIM TRIM visually guide visitors through the space to the lift lobbies behind while tying into the clean foyer aesthetic.


356 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC

  • The recent office and foyer upgrade to 356 Collins St included GRAZER edge lighting


Other Performance Attributes
  • High CRI options
  • Tuneable white option
  • 5+5 year warranty
  • Custom shapes 
Data Sheet: GRAZER REC
Data Sheet: HIP TRIM
Data Sheet: SLIM TRIM

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