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Hyne Beam 21

I-Built Hyne Beam 21C is known as NZWOOD's original engineered and glue laminated hardwood beam with a superb strength and performance. Engineers have found I-Built Hyne Beam 21C can substitute for steel in many applications where high loads are supported, while architects and designers favour I-Built Hyne Beam 21C in appearance applications.

Manufactured from Spotted Gum, it exhibits deep rich colours and the intrinsic characteristics of these beams offers opportunities for creative design.

Key Features
  • Dimensional stability
  • Long spanability
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • variety of shapes and curved beams options
  • Available up to 11.4 metres in 600 increments
  • Can be used externally
  • EWPAA certified
  • PEFC Chain of Custody
Scope of Use
  • I-Built Hyne Beam 21C is manufactured from a minimum Durability Class 2 Timber Species for use untreated in internal and external applications.   
  • For external applications 21C can be used above ground and in weather exposed applications with horizontal surfaces / top edges capped.
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Hyne Beam 21 products are high grade glued-laminated timber beams formed from Australian hardwoods.

  • All components are assembled using only durable, exterior grade adhesives that comply with Service Class 3 as per AS/NZS 4364-2010
  • The beams are specified as cambered (C) to 600m radius
  • Hyne Beam 21 is manufactured from a minimum Durability Class 2 Timber species
  • Hyne Beam 21 is available in two grades in accordance with AS/NZS1328.1-1998. STR — Structural Grade/Appearance C and SEL — Select Grade/Appearance A
  • Third party certified through the Glue Laminated Timber Association of Australia (GLTAA)
Other Performance Attributes
  • HYNE produce a range of Glued-laminated products (Glulam)
  • All HYNE Glued-laminated products are produced at the Maryborough Glulam plant (Australia) and are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1328.1-1998
  • The site operates an AS4707-2006 Chain of Custody compliant management system that covers all laminated products produced at the site as well as holding ISO9001-2006 accreditation for its manufacturing systems
B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
Data Sheet
Forest Certification Schemes Chain of Custody:
I-Built Software Installation Details
I-Built Brochure
Additional Information

New Zealand Wood Products Ltd is a supplier of I-Built engineered timber, glulam, plywood and associated materials.

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