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High Street — Heavy Exposure Concrete Floor Finish

High Street is the most recognisable and preferred diamond polished concrete floor finish, suitable for newly-laid or existing concrete, and is ideal for refurbishment projects in residential or commercial settings. The floor is ground flat revealing a mixture of heavy stone and fine aggregates, that are then resin diamond polished. This full exposure best emphasises the underlying aggregates in the concrete.

The process requires the removal of 3-5mm of the concrete laitance to reveal the underlying aggregates. The floor is created using well established Megafloor processes with internationally recognised and quality assured, equipment, tooling and chemicals.

Megafloor finish and sheen options can be selected for the desired performance and gloss level for the application.

Key Features
  • Ideal for building refurbishments
  • Natural materials combined with a long lifecycle and easy maintenance
  • Range of finish options that range from matte through to high gloss
  • Nationwide network of certified partners
Scope of Use
  • Interior and exterior applications
  • Suitable for old and newly laid concrete flooring — ideal for building refurbishments
  • Commercial, retail, industrial, residential
  • D1 Access Route suitability can be achieved 
Limitations on Use
  • As New Zealand's only regimented system, all grinding must be approved by Megafloor or accredited agent thereof
  • High Street provides a polished finish, however the overall look achieved will depend on the underlying concrete aggregates 
  • Sheen selection only available on Premium finish
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Is an acceptable solution under the NZ Building Code:

  • B2 Durability
  • D1 Access Routes: Slip Resistance — Acceptable Solution D1/AS1
  • H1 Energy Efficiency
In-Service History

Megafloor projects are specified and commissioned nationwide, including national retail chains, commercial clients, and home owners.

Other Performance Attributes
  • AS/NZS 3661.1:1993 Slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces
  • NZS 3114 Specification for concrete surface finishes

Warranty and Maintenance

A condition of the warranty is that the Megafloor must be cleaned and maintained following Megafloor Recommended Guidelines and using the MegaClean pH neutral enzyme floor cleaner:

  • For residential cleaning, vacuum the floor first then mop with appropriately diluted MegaClean pH neutral enzyme floor cleaner
  • For commercial floors a scrubber dryer with red pads and the MegaClean pH neutral enzyme floor cleaner is recommended for regular maintenance
Data Sheet


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High Street Finish Sample

Megafloor is a premium range of diamond polished concrete floor finishes, suitable for applications from small refurbishments to large-scale projects, and available nationwide via certified partners.

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