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Masons Masonry Plus

Masons Masonry Plus is a highly concentrated plasticising liquid. This very active non-staining liquid mixes readily with water to improve the workability and adhesion of cement mortar and plaster.


Key Features
  • Faster application, increases productivity
  • Cleaner work, less droppings
  • Easier ruling off
  • Greater plasticity, reduces cracking
  • Increases bond strength
  • Helps prevent efflorescence, eliminates need for lime
  • Reduces water absorption
  • Resists Freeze — thaw damage


NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Limitations on Use


  • MASONS™ Masonry Plus is non toxic and non-flammable
  • Should it be splashed into the eyes wash eyes immediately and seek medical attention
  • It should not be ingested, but if it is, again seek medical attention
  • Prolonged skin contact should be avoided
Material Safety Data Sheet

Since being established in 1999, Masons has become a key supplier in the New Zealand building industry, offering a variety of quality products and tools for a whole range of building requirements.

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