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Thermakraft Ausnet Wire Mesh

Ausnet is a galvanised steel wire mesh for used to support roof underlays, foils and glass wool insulation. Ausnet is easy to install and can be used on timber and steel framing. The product consists of a pattern of woven flat hexagonal shaped wires.

Key Features
  • For use on timber and steel framing to support roof underlays, foils and insulation
  • BRANZ Appraised — Appraisal No. 1029 (2018)
Scope of Use

General Application:

AUSNET must be run continuously across roof rafters, top truss chords or across purlins and be fixed in place. Roofing underlay that requires an intentional sag as per the building design to facilitate water drainage must have the wire mesh installed with a sag to accommodate the underlay. Where roofing underlay does not require any sag, the wire mesh must be pulled taut.

Application Direction:

The installation direction of the AUSNET mesh must be the same as the underlay, foil or insulation's installation direction. For example, if the synthetic underlay is installed from the top point of the roof to the lowest point (vertically) then the AUSNET mesh will need to follow the same direction

Limitations on Use

AUSNET is not a Safety Mesh. It must not be used at any time to replace the function of a safety mesh as it will not provide safety against falls during roof installation.

Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Durability B2: AUSNET is constructed of 1.0mm diameter wire and is galvanise coated to 150g/m2. This strictly conforms to the W10 wire coating class in the AS/NZS 4534:2006 standard
  • External Moisture E2 : Ausnet is classified as an acceptable Solution in accordance with E2/AS1 and meets the requirements of NZBC
  • Wind Zone – complies with NZS3604 Wind Zones up to and including 'Extra High'
BRANZ Appraised
BRANZ Appraised
Data Sheet

Issue 3, July 2020

Quick Reference Guide


Thermakraft on Masterspec
BRANZ Appraisal 1029

No1029 [2023] 14 Sep 2013

Installation and Operation

Issue 5, Nov 2019

Kingspan Thermakraft Warranty Statement

Issue 3, Aug 2022

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