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Dincel Structural Walling

Dincel Structural Walling are stay-in-place polymer formwork panels that encapsulate a concrete wall. The panels can be used for load bearing and non-load bearing concrete walls for above or below ground applications. Unique patented snap-lock joints connect the panels together for fast and easy installation. This walling system is lightweight for greater safety and manoeuvrability on site.

Dincel requires no additional waterproof membrane when filled with ready mixed concrete. The flow and compaction of concrete is improved with Dincel Walls. Root causes of water problems such as porosity of walling material, leaking wall joints and wall cracks are eliminated.

The polymer skin will not melt away or contribute to the spread of fire. If the outside surface chars or burns, the core component remains as ordinary concrete. Dincel Structural Walling provides an effective barrier against external noise therefore creating a more comfortable living environment.

Available sizes:

  • 110mm profile with 333mm width
  • 155mm Profile with 333mm width
  • 200mm profile with 333mm width
  • 275mm profile with 275mm width
Key Features
  • 50% construction time saving
  • Fast and easy installation
  • No air voids
  • Waterproof protected barrier
  • Fire resistance tested
  • Termite, rot and mildew proof
  • Earthquake tested
  • Compliant for both internal and external/facade applications
  • Joint and crack free
Scope of Use

Can be integrated throughout a whole building design from deep excavation basements to lift shafts, stairwells, walls, columns and facades up to 60 storeys high.

  • Civil and industrial construction
  • Water tanks and reservoirs
  • Swimming pools
  • Retaining walls


Limitations on Use

Dincel Construction System requires engineers, designers and installers to familiarise themselves with the Dincel Construction Manual for Designers and Builders (DCMDB).

The information contained in the DCMDB document is not intended to replace design calculations or analysis normally associated with the design and specification of buildings and their components.

Building professionals are required to assess construction site conditions and provide design /details and appropriate safe work methods accordingly.

The installers must require specific project specific detailing for each and every project. (Refer to Section (C) of Dincel Construction Manual for Designers and Builders).

Statement of Building Code Compliance

B1 Structure: B1.1, B1.2, B1.3.1, B1.3.2, B1.3.3, B1.3.4, B1.3.5, B1.3.6, B1.3.7

  • Specific Design
  • Verification Method B1/VM1 — NZS 3101:Part 1 Concrete
  • AS/NZS 1170: Structural design actions: Part 0: 2002, Part 1: 2002, Part 3: 2003
  • NZS 1170: Part 5, NZS 3106: 2009
  • NZS 3109: 1997,
  • NZS 3112: Part 2: 1986
  • NZS 3402: 1989
  • Structural performance is provided by specifically designed infill concrete structure

B2 Durability: B2.1, B2.2, B2.3.1(a), B2.3.2

  • Refer to Dincel web site testing documentation: Structural Engineering Design Certification For Dincel Construction System
  • Verification Method B2/VM1 – NZS 3101: Part 1 Section 3

C1 Protection From Fire

C3 Fire Affecting Areas Beyond The Fire Source

C6 Structural Stability:

  • Refer to Dincel web site testing documentation: Dincel Wall Fire Assessment New Zealand Standards and Verification Methods VM1/AS1
  • AS/NZS 3837:1998, NZS 3101
  • Australian Standards: AS 3600: 2009, AS 5395: 2009 Test methods AS1530

E2 External Moisture: E2.1, E2.2, E2.3.2, E2.3.3, E2.3.4, E2.3.5, E2.3.6, E2.3.7

  • Refer to Dincel web site testing documentation: Waterproof Walls
  • Verification Method E2/VM1
  • New Zealand Standards (Testing): AS/NZS4347:1995
  • International Standards (Testing): ASTM E514-08, ASTM E96/M
  • Acceptable Solution E2/AS1

E3 Internal Moisture: E3.1, E3.2, E3.3.1, E3.3.2, E3.3.4, E3.3.5, E3.3.6

  • Refer to Dincel web site testing documentation: Waterproof Walls
  • Verification Method E3/VM1
  • New Zealand Standards (Testing): AS/NZS4347:1995
  • International Standards (Testing): ASTM E514-08, ASTM E96/M
  • Acceptable Solution E3/AS1

F2 Hazardous Building Materials:

  • Refer to Dincel web site testing documentation: VOC Emission Test Certificate
  • Verification Method F1/VM1
  • ASTM D5116-97 Test Method. Certified as Low VOC Emissions

G6 Airborne and Impact Sound: G6.1, G6.2, G6.3.1, G6.3.2,

  • Specific Design
  • Acceptable Solution G6/AS1

H1 Energy Efficiency:

  • While Dincel have prepared compliance details within their documentation. Designers are required to prepare design in compliance with New Zealand Building Code
  • Dincel polymer wall should not be considered as a ‘R’ value in the construction component, calculations shall be prepared using the Mass Concrete structure for this component
  • Verification Methods of VM1 & Acceptable Solutions AS1
  • New Zealand Standard: NZS 4214:2009, NZS 4218:2004, NZS 4243:2007 can be applied
In-Service History

Available in New Zealand for 4 years.

Projects include:

  • Silverdale commercial development.
  • East Coast Bays Fire Station
  • Hooper Developments Rest Home Kumeu
  • Swimming pools
  • Water storage tanks/troughs
Other Performance Attributes
  • CSIRO tested to 6 metres of water pressure
  • Crack and corrosion free, no concrete cancer
  • Fire rated 90–240 minutes
  • Non-combustible
  • Less reinforcing, increase concrete strength
  • Workplace Health & Safety: VOC tested — measurement 50 times less than recommended Green Star environmental threshold
  • 10 year warranty
Fire Testing: BRANZ
Application Information via Dincel website

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