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IBS OS'Brace RAP Rigid Air Barrier and Protection Panel

IBS OS'Brace RAP is an orientated strand-board rigid air barrier and bracing panel.

IBS OS'Brace RAP is an engineered lightweight composite structural panel made of peeled softboard that is bonded together with a synthetic resin. The panel is treated to H3.1 level using a method where the chips themselves are treated prior to being bonded, meaning that the panel is fully treated.

Key Features
  • Creates a weathertight barrier to reduce construction time by starting on the inside sooner
  • Simple to install, lightweight, easy to cut, nail, screw and drill
  • Provides a consistent, high quality bracing panel supported by fast and reliable delivery and service
  • Clean fresh wood appearance with none of the typical veneer defects of plywood such as holes, knots and splits
  • Panels are made in one of the world’s most modern OSB plants in Germany from environmentally sustainable softwood plantation resources
Categories / Ranges
Rigid Pre-Cladding Pre-Cladding
Scope of Use

IBS OS'Brace is a Rigid Air Barrier and structural bracing element. It is designed to be used with timber framed buildings which fall within the scope of section 1.1, section 4 and section 8 NZS 3604:2011 and; in conjunction with drained and ventilated wall cavity system that complies with E2/AS1 (amendment 5).

Limitations on Use

When onsite, IBS OS'Brace must be stored flat on 50mm packers and protected from exposure to weather. Specific design, in accordance with AS/NZS 2280:2002 is required where IBS OS'Brace is to be installed on a timber subfloor. After construction OS'Brace shall not be exposed to weather conditions for longer than 3 months.

In respect of B1.3.1 and B1.3.2, all relevant conditions and allowances have been considered, as provided for under B1.3.3 (a,b,c,e,f,h,m,q) and B1.3.4 (b) and that relate to the score of use given in the CodeMark certificate.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Complies with the Building Code of New Zealand: 

  • B1 Structure Classes B1.3.1, B1.3.2, B1.3.3 (a,b,c,e,f,h,m,q), B1.3.4 (b); B2 Durability (a) 50 years (as a bracing unit and RAB) & (b) 15 years (as RAB only), B2.3.2; 
  • E2 External Moisture Clause E2.3.5; 
  • F2 Hazardous Materials Clause F2.3.1.
Other Performance Attributes

IBS OS’Brace RAP third party plant certification ensures that EGGER OS’Brace RAP has consistent adherence to international OSB quality standards manufactured under quality Management system ISO 9001:2004. Several external plant supervision systems, such as CE-marking (European Community), JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) or PS2-10 (US Building Code), guarantee superior product quality.

All OSB products are certified with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) according to ISO 14025.

B1 Structure compliant
E2 External Moisture compliant
External Moisture
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
Product Assurance
CodeMark Certificate
Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions
Maintenance Instructions
Maintenance Instructions
Other Literature
Tapes- Holdfast
Tapes- Hydro
Tapes- Super Stick
CAD/PDF Details
Apron Treatment- Roof into Wall
Brace System 1
Brace System 2
Brace System 3
Brace System 4
Brace System Uplift Resistance
Corners External Corner
Corners Internal Corners
Floor Concrete Floor Edge Cavity
Floor Concrete Floor edge Direct Fix
Floor Connections
Frame Layour EIFL
Frame Layout Brick
Frame Layout Sheet Plaster
Frame Layout Weatherboard
Joints Horizontal Joint
Joints Horizontal Joint Corner
Joints Vertical Joint
Opening Window Head
Opening Window Jamb
Opening Window Sill
Openings Lower Corner Treatment
Openings Upper Corner Treatment

IBS supplies an extensive range of building panel products throughout New Zealand.

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