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Pineclad TMT Weatherboard — Board & Batten

Pineclad's TMT Board & Batten cladding system is manufactured locally from New Zealand grown, FSC® Certified Radiata Pine.

Thermal modification is a non-chemical treatment that improves the durability to a level equivalent of treatment to H3.1 with improved dimensional stability

The Pineclad TMT Board and Batten cladding system is supplied with an initial coating of Dryden Wood Oil or a factory applied pre-primer.

The Board & Batten profile is available in a range of sizes, along with mouldings, fascia, scribers, and corners.

  • 40 x 18mm
  • 65 x 18mm
  • 90 x 18mm
  • 180 x 18mm
Key Features
  • Locally grown and locally manufactured
  • FSC certified timber
  • CodeMark assurance
  • Suitable for all paint finishes including where LRV is <45%
Scope of Use
  • Exterior cladding — vertical installation

Suitable for use:

  • in conjunction with timber or lightweight steel framing that complies with the NZ Building Code or for existing buildings that has the equivalent stiffness to the framing provisions of NZS3604:2011,
  • in wind zones up to and including extra high as defined in NZS3604:2011, or for Specifically Engineer Designed buildings with a maximum design Ultimate Limit State (ULS) wind pressure of 2.5kPa, 
  • in exposure Zones B, C and D as defined in NZS3604:2011.  
  • up to 10 m in building height,
  • further than 1m from a relevant and notional boundary, unless compliance may be established through reliance on C/AS1 or C/AS2
Limitations on Use
  • with a flexible building wrap or rigid air barrier depending on location wind zone and as a minimum, in accordance with:
    • i. E2/AS1 Table 23 for timber framed buildings, or
    • ii. NASH building Envelop Solution: 2019 Table 23 for steel framed buildings,
  • directly fixed or fixed over a ventilated cavity in accordance with Table 3, E2/AS1 or E2/AS4, where not referenced in Table 3, the cladding will be installed over a ventilated cavity,
  • on buildings with a risk score not greater than 20, when evaluated against E2/AS1 or E2/AS4 risk matrix
  • aluminium window and door joinery that:
    • meets the requirements of NZS 4211:2008 including amendment 1 or
    • has a current Product Certificate or
    • is traditional timber joinery as set out in BRANZ bulletin BU481
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Pineclad TMT Weatherboard, if designed, used, installed and maintained in accordance with the technical documents will comply with or contribute to compliance with the following performance provisions of the NZ Building Code:

  • Clause B1 STRUCTURE: Performance B1.3.1, B1.3.2 and B1.3.4, for the relevant physical conditions of B1.3.3 (a), (f), (h), (j) & (q)
  • Clause B2 DURABILITY: Performance B2.3.1 (b)
  • Clause E2 EXTERNAL MOISTURE: Performance E2.3.2, E2.3.5, E2.3.6 and E2.3.7
  • Clause F2 HAZARDOUS BUILDING MATERIALS: Performance F2.3.1
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Rotorua-based Hume Pine processes locally grown pine into external cladding solutions, mouldings and decking, and externally sourced plywood and fibre cement boards, all backed by quality information.

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