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Xgen by Unovent — Ductless Home Ventilation System

Unovent is a ductless home ventilation system for moisture reduction and condensation control. The Xgen system by Hometech Limited is available as room outlets for mounting on the ceiling (Unovent v-line), with their own individual, low voltage and low wattage fan to draw normally drier air into the living space type rooms.

Key Features
  • The Xgen by Unovent system for moisture reduction is ductless
  • XGen is less expensive to install than ducted systems
  • Whisper quiet
  • No control panel to master — install-and-forget with ongoing 12 month periodic cleaning of G4 filters
  • Low running cost — approximately $1 per month for a typical 4x outlet system
  • Fully automatic utilising the Unobrain to switch the system off when the roof space or outside air is too hot, too cold or contains too much moisture (such as when it rains)
  • Fitted with a G4 polymer filter and an optional NZ wool F7 filter — the highest grade filter system in the residential ventilation market
  • Warranty is 10 years — the longest in the residential ventilation market
  • New Zealand designed, developed and produced
Natural Ventilation
Scope of Use
  • The Xgen Home Ventilation System for Dwelling Living Space Moisture Reduction can be applied to most types of residential buildings
  • Mounting on the ceiling (Unovent v-line)
Limitations on Use

As the Unovent v-line drags air from the roof space, it should not be used when there is insufficient means of make up air to enter the roof space. When make up air is an issue, appropriate passive vents should be installed in the form of soffit grilles or a Hometech roof flashing with vent cap.

Direct moisture such as rain or spray from a hose needs to be avoided for the Unobrain Controller.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

The Unovent v-line  system when installed and maintained correctly comply with NZBC:

  • Clause G4.3.1 for an occupancy of 1 person when a habitable space has no openable windows
  • Clause G4.3.2
  • Clause B2.3.1(c)
  • Clause E2.3.2
In-Service History

The Xgen ductless home ventilation system has been available to the New Zealand home owners since March 2014 and has been shipped generally to all parts of New Zealand in proportion to the population spread.

Other Performance Attributes

A standard Unovent v-line is fitted with a G4 polymer filter and an optional NZ wool F7 filter. 3rd party airflow testing of the Unovent v-line in-situ with the G4 filter is 9.0 L/s, and with both the G4 and F7 filters resulted in an airflow of 4.2 L/s.

  • Up to 15 Unovents can be powered by one 12V Power supply and Unobrain
  • Low running cost — approximately $1 per month for a typical 4x outlet system

Maintenance and Warranty

  • Install-and-forget with ongoing 12 month periodic cleaning of G4 filters
  • 10 year warranty
Data Sheet

Hometech are on a mission to further improve Kiwis’ quality of life by improving the spaces they live and work in.

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