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Solatube SkyVault Series

Combining breakthrough optics with progressive engineering, the SkyVault Series is HomeTech's biggest, boldest technology yet. Whether to enhance light capture, focus light over greater distances, or spread light evenly throughout a space, the patented technologies built into the SkyVault Series deliver powerful performance for any application with its 740mm diameter dome and tube length up to 30m.

Key Features
  • Various combinations of domes including single or double glazed
  • Tube length can extend to 30m
  • Optional security guards comes pre-installed in specific dome assemblies and consists of stainless steel rods welded into a hexagonal grid riveted into the curb cap turret, creating a visual and physical deterrent at the dome level
  • Optional Amplifier significantly improves the delivery of daylight in high bay and high ceiling applications to provide task lighting:
  • Optional Thermal Insulation Panel has two climate control discs paired with polycarbonate ring prevent conductive and convective heat transfer. Spectralight® Infinity material inside ring maximises light transfer
  • Optional Daylight Dimmer that uses a patented butterfly baffle designed to ensure even light distribution in any position. The SkyVault Dimmer can be fully integrated into virtually any 0-10V digital lighting control system, working both in conjunction with and separately from electrical lighting
  • Optional Trim Ring provides a finished appearance to the installation, covering the cut edge of the roof deck penetration in an open ceiling application.
  • Hurricane and impact resistant — Label Rating CW-PG80 36 x 36-Type TDD. Missile Level D
Scope of Use

The Skyvault can be used in any large structure or building that requires energy efficient natural daylight:

  • Airports
  • Convention Centres
  • Gymnasiums
  • Hospitality
  • Large common areas
  • Military
  • Retail
  • Stadiums
  • Warehouse and industrial

Hurricane and impact resistant — Label Rating CW-PG80 36 x 36-Type TDD. Missile Level D

In-Service History

Solatube launched the SkyVault Series in 2013 to its world wide distribution network, and 10 x SkyVaults have been installed in the orangutan and Siamangs habitat at Auckland Zoo.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Solatube TDDs (Tubular Daylighting Devices) are among the first innovations to have received the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" Label by The Solar Impulse Foundation
  • Hurricane and impact resistant — Label Rating CW-PG80 36 x 36-Type TDD. Missile Level D
Appraisal, Accreditation, Certification and Testing

Hometech are on a mission to further improve Kiwis’ quality of life by improving the spaces they live and work in.

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