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Dryden WaxEndSeal

Dryden WaxEndSeal is a wax emulsion designed to assist with sealing vulnerable weather exposed cut ends of timber. It is specifically formulated to help minimise the rate of moisture ingress and egress in timber end grain by minimising the moisture entering (and exiting) the timber.

Dryden WaxEndSeal helps to reduce excessive moisture changes, which decreases end grain defects such as checking in sawn timbers and splitting. It is easy-to-use and maintain and helps to provide timber stability.

  • Size: 1L
  • Base: Milky in appearance, will dry clear
Key Features
  • Provides timber stability
  • Dries clear
  • Low maintenance
  • Helps minimise moisture ingress and egress
  • Decreases end grain defects
Scope of Use

Dryden WaxEndSeal is used on exterior architectural builds where exposed ends such as hardwood beams, timber screens, LVL timbers, laminated timber beams and posts need ultimate protection.

Dryden WaxEndSeal can be used as a preventative on green and unprocessed timbers, posts, sawn timbers, and beams during their drying process.

Dryden WaxEndSeal can be used on exposed ends of timbers which have been coated with one of the Dryden coating systems.
It is milky in appearance but will dry clear.

Limitations on Use

Avoid Dryden WaxEndSeal on any aesthetic faces or where a Dryden product is to be applied, as coating after application cannot be achieved.

Dryden WaxEndSeal is not recommended for sealing cut ends of cladding and decking prior to fixing. This must be completed with the same product and colour that was used to pre-coat the timber. Never use Dryden WaxEndSeal to seal these areas.

In-Service History

In 1999, Dryden was established to service the New Zealand housing and construction industry, providing a more fitting protection solution for timber, through their flagship product Dryden WoodOil.

The range also encompasses comprehensive specialist cleaning and coating products for a variety of interior and exterior applications.

Other Performance Attributes


Dryden recommend annual maintenance inspections and soft washing to keep the building in
optimum condition. In some circumstances, due to localised environmental conditions soft
washing will be required more regularly.
Inspections help with the early identification of maintenance requirements and minor issues
before they become large expensive problems.
For more information refer to the WaxEndSeal Data Sheet.

Dryden Product Guide
Data Sheet: WaxEndSeal
Product Page: WaxEndSeal

Dryden manufacture and supply timber coating solutions to protect and enhance the natural beauty of timber.

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