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Kilargo IS8020si Automatic Door Bottom Seal

A heavy duty, automatic door bottom seal which can be face-fixed or fully mortised into the bottom edge of single action doors. The seal has a spring loaded mechanism which lifts the seal clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened. Pressure against the door jamb on the adjustable brass strike button operates the seal automatically.

The seal contains a high efficiency mechanism to assist with the closing force requirements detailed in AS1428/1 (Design for Access and Mobility).

This seal is also available with antimicrobial silicone gasket(s).

Standard colours:

  • Silver anodised aluminium with grey end plates
  • Stainless steel end plates and grey silicone gasket
  • Black anodised aluminium with black end plates
  • Stainless steel end plates and black silicone gasket
Key Features
  • Versatile installation options; face-fixed, fully-mortised and semi-rebated
  • The seal contains a high efficiency mechanism to assist with the closing force requirements detailed in AS1428/1 (Design for Access and Mobility)
  • Operates automatically by pressure against the door jamb on its adjustable strike button
Scope of Use
  • Heavy duty
  • Face-fixed or fully mortised into the bottom edge
  • Single action, automatic doors
  • Mechanism to assist with closing for access and mobility design
  • Also available with antimicrobial silicone gasket(s)

Face-fixed: The seal is fixed to the face of the door bottom using the long fixing screws provided. (see detailed fitting instructions). The reversible aluminium top cover plate conceals the fixing screws and provides an aesthetic, architectural finish. A set of screw-fixed reinforced nylon end plates ensure longevity of the seal mechanism.

Fully-mortised: When the seal is to be fully-mortised, the seal (minus the top cover plate) is mounted into a 54mm deep x 22mm wide machined groove and screw-fixed back into the door stiles via stainless steel end plates, holding the seal in place.

Semi-rebated: When the seal is to be semi-rebated, the seal is mounted into a stepped rebate: a 54mm deep x 22mm wide machined groove on the side of the door to which the seal will be positioned. The seal can be screw-fixed into position and fitted with the cast-aluminium end plates provided.

Gap size:

  • Min. 3mm / max. 15mm

Standard lengths:

  • 450mm
  • 610mm
  • 820mm
  • 920mm
  • 1070mm
  • 1220mm
  • 1500mm
  • Longer length available to special order up to a maximum 1600mm

IS8020si maximum allowable cut-back sizes:

  • 450mm seal cuts to 275mm
  • 610mm seal cuts to 450mm
  • 820mm seal cuts to 610mm
  • 920mm seal cuts to 610mm
  • 1070mm seal cuts to 920mm
  • 1220mm seal cuts to 1070mm
  • 1500mm seal cuts to 1220mm
  • Seals can be cut on site for exact dimension
Limitations on Use
  • Generally not suitable for pivot doors as standard
  • Not suitable as a weather seal for external doors

Fire doors are a proprietary product. Despite similarities in manufacture and supply, each fire door must have its own test data outlining its field of application as mandated by the Building Code of Australia through the requirements set out in AS1905 Part 1.

Please contact a dormakaba representative for confirmation on which seals are suitable for the specified fire doors. 

In-Service History

Notable projects:

  • Adelaide Oval Redevelopment
  • Gold Coast University Hospital
  • Tune Hotel & Apartments, Melbourne
Other Performance Attributes
  • All seals manufactured in Australia
Data Sheet

IS8020si 10/04/2018

Kilargo Antimicrobial Seals Factsheet

Jan 2020

Installation and Operation

IS8020si 06/17

Kilargo Care and Maintenance
Kilargo Door Sealing Systems Product Catalogue

Feb 2018

Kilargo Healthcare & Hygenic Environments Door Sealing Solutions


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