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dormakaba Cobalt Double

The COBALT is a motor driven low voltage electric lock designed to secure commercial and residential swing through doors. It is supplied with a matching strike plate and can be surface mounted with the aid of available accessories, or installed into a mortise for a concealed solution. The lock has been designed to address the two biggest issues in concealed electric locking today;

  • The ability to 'pull' a door into alignment even if the door has not closed in a central position.
  • The ability to release when requested even if there is excessive load on the door.

The design of the COBALT is unique as it has two motors which independently operate two locking pins. These dual bolt pins offer extra strength but more importantly ensure the door can be secured even when the door has not closed in the correct position. This is achieved by the lock sensing which direction the door is closing from and activating the appropriate bolt pin to ‘grab’ the door and pull it into alignment before the other bolt pin activates. A door that is 8mm off alignment in either direction (16mm total window) will be secured with the COBALT.

With the door secured and locked the COBALT can be given an unlock signal and it will instantly unlock. If the door is loaded (pre-load) when the unlock signal is given the COBALT will still unlock, even with loads in excess of 100Kg on the door. Critically the ability of the COBALT to instantly release with excessive pre-load on the door even occurs in the event of a power failure if the lock is configured as fail safe.

Key Features
  • Multi-voltage input (12-24VDC)
  • Very low current consumption
  • Door position and bolt position monitors
  • High physical strength — 10,000N holding force
  • Fail safe / fail secure on site conversion with the re-positioning of a single jumper
Scope of Use
  • Commercial and residential swing through doors
  • Mortice mount horizontally or vertically, on double acting doors.
  • Surface mount with the aid of the YD30 accessories, including mounting onto glass.
  • Physical dimensions: 255mmL x 30mmW x 51mmD.
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