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Spouting Big Chief 150mm (Old Gothic)

Continuous Group's Big Chief profile (previously called 150 OG) features a colonial design style, which used to be referred to as “Old Gothic”. This profile features the same smart lines as Continuous Group's Chief profile, but in a larger size to suit homes with larger roof areas or steep pitch roofs.  It has a nice high front to cover roof lines.  This profile can be can be run in the following material, Magnaflow, Alumigard, Euramax or Copper depending on the environment.

The Big Chief profile is regularly featured on award winning homes and has been specified and used on multiple retirement villages.

Key Features
  • Consider the Big Chief profile for larger roof areas or where access to stormwater drains are limited
  • This profile provides great access for cleaning particularly when combined with external brackets
  • The customer has the option of either internal and external brackets for both colorcote or copper spouting
  • When installing internal or external brackets on Magnaflow, Alumigard or Euramax spouting, all brackets are manufactured in aluminium and powdercoated.
NZ Made
NZ Made
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use

Continuous Group rainwater systems are intended to collect and channel water that runs off a roof. It is intended that the metal spouting be placed at the perimeter of the building (positioned outside the building envelope).

  • Consider the Big Chief profile for larger roof areas or where access to stormwater drains are limited
  • Provides great access for cleaning particularly when combined with external brackets
  • Available throughout New Zealand.
  • Maximum cross sectional area 9816mm2
  • Effective cross section with 10mm freeboard 8526mm2
  • Flow capacity 131 Litres/minute
  • Minimum downpipe cross section 3215mm2
Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Test information available from Pacific Coilcoaters, New Zealand Steel and Ambro Metals, combined with past history of rainwater products indicate, that provide the product use and maintenance is in line with the guidelines contained in the current literature, Continuous Group rainwater systems can be expected to meet the performance criteria in clause E2 of the New Zealand Building Code.
  • All copper, brass and aluminium products listed above are fit for purpose in environment Zone B, C, D and E*. 
  • Pre-painted steel products are fit for purpose in environment Zone B and C*.  They may be used in environment Zone D subject top pre-approval warranty application based on site address*.
  • *In all cases, areas with high wind and/or salt and/or thermal/industrial atmospheric conditions may require specific engineering design (S.E.D.)  Reference: Section D, Durability from NZS3604:2011.
Big Chief Specifications
BPIS - Big Chief copper spouting system


BPIS - Big Chief pre-painted metal fascia system


Compatibility of Materials in Contact
Compatibility of Materials Subject to Run-off
Environmental Information
Material Compatibility — Material Selection
Environmental Information
Installation and Operation
Care and Maintenance
Big Chief Brochure
CG Colour Finishes
CG Designer Colour Range
CAD/PDF Details
Spouting Big Chief 150mm Old Gothic Detail

The Continuous Group are a leading supplier of spouting, downpipes, fascia and rainwater heads in New Zealand.

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