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Illuminate designs with Allied Concrete's READY Glow Luminescent Aggregate Concrete. This product enhances the aesthetic appeal of decorative concrete applications and introduces a practical, self-sustaining light source.

READY Glow harnesses natural light, absorbing 40 seconds of direct sunlight to emit a radiant afterglow lasting over 15 hours. The luminescent effect is activated by halogen and fluorescent lights, ensuring continuous illumination in various lighting conditions.

Key Features
  • Self-functioning light source
  • Stones charge under natural sunlight and artificial light such as halogen or fluorescent
  • Increases safety in low-light areas
Scope of Use

READY Glow products can be used in various applications, including but not limited to the following:

  • Hand-broadcasted/seeded onto concrete surfaces
  • similar to seeding colour flakes and recycled glass
  • Use inside of your formwork by spraying adhesive on the inside of your formwork, then seeding with READY Glow stones
  • Mixed directly into overlay mixes
  • Ground and polished to any level of finish from
  • external pathway 100 grit to mirror 3000 grit
  • Sealed as would usually seal concrete
  • projects (this product works very well with both water and solvent-based mixes)
READY Glow Brochure
READY Polished

Allied Concrete is a national company that supplies ready-mix concrete and related products and services including new sustainable options.

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