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ACMF Mechanical Louvres

The ACMF Mechanical louvre system is a range of Single-Bank (Z-Profile) and Double-Bank (Y-profile) louvre blades that provide plant rooms and mechanical ducts with a design solution that balances a level of ventilation, pressure drop, rain defence, obstructed line of sight, acoustic and vermin-proof solutions.

Key Features
  • Provides ventilation
  • Provides pressure drop
  • Rain defence
  • Acoustic solutions
  • Vermin-proofing
Scope of Use
  • Z and Y louvre system is suitable for intake and exhaust applications
  • Can be installed as part of the mechanical services system of plant rooms, factories, power stations, basements, car parks and similar projects
Limitations on Use

Z Louvre:  

  • Length = 1100mm at 55 m/s (Super high winds) vertical and horizontal
  • Spacing = 125mm max

Y Louvre:

  • Length = 2150mm at 55 m/s (Super high winds) vertical and horizontal
  • Spacing = 60mm max
Statement of Building Code Compliance

ACMF Mechanical Louvres comply with the following performance clauses of the NZ Building Code:

  • B1: Structure
  • B2: Durability
  • E2: External Moisture
  • G4: Ventilation
In-Service History
  • Since 2018
Other Performance Attributes
  • AS/NZS 4740:2000: Natural ventilators — Classification and performance
  • ACMF product guarantee: 15 Years on material and finish and 5 years on workmanship
Mechanical Louvre Span Table
Span Tables: All Louvres
ACMF Brochure
Website: ACMF Mechanical Lourves

ACMF are exterior experts, looking after the whole building envelope — cladding, flashings, louvres and screens, balustrades, roofing and fire-rated aluminium joinery.

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