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UlltraClad UA7937 — Ulltratray Weatherboard Profile

Ulltratray is a commanding standing seam profile with a cover of 198mm and a seam length of 30mm. An Ultramodern effect that combines well with roofing products and can be used in combination with the Shado family of profiles to give a multi textural effect.

This board is best suited for a vertical installation and in residential, apartment and light commercial designs

UlltraClad is an interlocking, durable aluminium cladding system. It is supplied as a complete integrated system with its own flashings and corners, soffits and jointers. Ulltraclad Horizontal and Vertical Profiles are available in a range of different styles varying from 150mm cover to 198mm cover.

Key Features
  • Vertical installation
  • 10 weatherboard profiles
  • 'Lightweight' (NZS:3604.2011)
  • Low maintenance
  • Colour powder coating and sublimation timber coating finishes
  • Sustainability, a recyclable product manufactured in New Zealand
Aluminium Cladding
Scope of Use

The UlltraClad Cavity System is designed to be used as an external wall cladding system for residential and light commercial type buildings where domestic construction techniques are used.

  • Suitable for wind zones up to, and including 'Extra High'
  • Seismic earthquake situations
  • Suitable for use with aluminium window and door joinery that is installed with jambs and heads and sills
  • Best suited for Vertical installation
Limitations on Use
  • Maximum wind ULS of 2.5KPA
  • Building height NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 paragraph 1.1
  • Cavity fixing only
Statement of Building Code Compliance

In the opinion of BRANZ The UlltraClad Cavity System, if designed, used, installed and maintained in accordance with the statements and conditions of BRANZ Appraisals No. 796 (2019) the Technical Literature, will meet or contribute to meeting the following provisions of the NZBC:

  • Clause B1 STRUCTURE: Performance B1.3.1, B1.3.2 and B1.3.4. The Ulltraclad Cavity System meets the requirements for loads arising from self-weight, earthquake, wind and impact [i.e. B1.3.3 (a), (f), (h) and (j)]
  • Clause B2 DURABILITY: Performance B2.3.1 (b), 15 years and B2.3.2
  • Clause E2 EXTERNAL MOISTURE: Performance E2.3.2
  • Clause F2 HAZARDOUS BUILDING MATERIALS: Performance F2.3.1

This is an Appraisal of an Alternative Solution in terms of New Zealand Building Code compliance.

In-Service History

Ulltraclad has been in use since 2005 and continues to perform without issues today.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Bushfire resistance test of an external wall system to BAL-A40 in accordance with AS 1530.8.1-2007
  • BRANZ ST0871 racking test
MetWood Technical Information
Ulltraclad PTS: Vertical

Rev 10

MSDS: Dulux

Rev 10

MSDS: Interpon

Rev 10

BRANZ Appraisal: Ulltraclad Vertical Weatherboard Cavity System

No 796 [2019]

Test Results: Bushfire Resistance
Maintenance: Dulux

Rev 10

Maintenance: Interpon

Rev 10

MetWood Guide to Care & Maintenance
Ulltraclad Warranty and Maintenance

Rev 10

Warranty: Dulux

Rev 10

Warranty: Interpon

Rev 10

Ulltraclad Specification Documentation

Rev 10

Ulltraclad Brochure


Colour: Dulux

Rev 10

Colour: Interpon

Rev 10

MetWood Colour Chart Brochure
CAD/PDF Details
Drawing Type
Installation Orientation
Ulltraclad profiles

Rev 10

Wall Batten Elevation

UA7937 2D V00

Full Set of 2D Drawings - Vertical Installation

UA7937 2D V00 - V24

External Corner on Cavity

UA7937 2D V01

Internal Corner on Cavity

UA7937 2D V02

90° Corner Cap

UA7937 2D V03

Vertical Wall Starter

UA7937 2D V04

No Soffit Detail on Cavity

UA7937 2D V05

Soffit Detail on Cavity

UA7937 2D V06

Timber Floor on Cavity

UA7937 2D V07

Window Head on Cavity

UA7937 2D V08

Window Jamb on Cavity

UA7937 2D V09

Window Sill on Cavity

UA7937 2D V10

Sill-Jamb on Cavity

UA7937 2D V11

Head Flashing / Head Starter / Jamb

UA7937 2D V12


UA7937 2D V13

Head-Jamb Notching Details

UA7937 2D V14

Meter Box Head on Cavity

UA7937 2D V15

Meter Box Jamb on Cavity

UA7937 2D V16

Meter Box Sill on Cavity

UA7937 2D V17

Pipe Penetration on Cavity

UA7937 2D V18

Roof-Wall Junction on Cavity

UA7937 2D V19

Gutter-Wall Junction on Cavity

UA7937 2D V20

Parapet on Cavity

UA7937 2D V21

Deck Junction on Cavity

UA7937 2D V22

Inter-Storey Junction on Cavity

UA7937 2D V23

Ulltratray Board Profiles - Vertical Installation

UA7937 2D V24

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