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EuroClad – Pre-Finished Composite Timber Cladding System

Manufactured in Germany, EuroClad is a pre-finished, engineered shiplap cladding, with a timber grain embossed surface.

Designed for stability and longevity with premium style, EuroClad offers a sustainable timber alternative that is eco-friendly and virtually maintenance free — there is no need to re-coat, stain or paint for a minimum of 15 years.

The lightweight tongue and groove profile and pre-drilled panels allow for easy installation. EuroClad can be installed either horizontally, vertically or on soffits.

EuroClad Selekta is manufactured from processed timber fibres, binding agent and wood preservative to ensure durability, and pest and rot resistance. The cladding is embossed in a variety of realistic timber grains and is available in a range of natural wood colours.

Key Features
  • Durability and moisture resistant
  • PEFC certified
  • Hidden fixing system
  • Non-leaching
  • Pre-finished
  • High Rw acoustic rating
  • Ideal timber substitute
  • Rot and pest resistant
  • Comprehensive 15 year warranty
  • Group fire rating 
Scope of Use
  • May be installed horizontally or vertically on vertical external or internal walls
  • PSP Ltd also supplies proprietary flashings for use when installing EuroClad Selekta Cladding


  • In any wind zone as defined in NZS 3604:2011, or calculated design wind pressure up to 2.5kPa (ULS)
  • In all climate zones as defined by NZS 3604:2011. For use in microclimate, consult with PSP technical staff
  • On buildings located 1m or more from the relevant boundary


  • On timber or light steel structural framing
  • In conjunction with a primary structure that complies with the NZ Building Code or where the designer has established that the existing structure is suitable for the intended building work

Applications: External feature facade cladding for domestic and commercial applications

  • Coastal/beachfront environments
  • Difficult access areas
  • Internal feature walls
  • High exposure areas
  • Apartment buildings
  • Feature cladding
Limitations on Use
  • Design wind speed is limited by the EuroClad Selekta design load span tables
  • For use in microclimate, consult with PSP technical staff
  • A thermal break is required where EuroClad Selekta is used in conjunction with light steel framing
  • Maximum building height of 10m
  • A drained and ventilated cavity is always required unless the building is unlined or Importance Level 1, in which case, the EuroClad Selekta may be direct fixed as per E2/AS1
  • Flexible and rigid building underlays and fixings must meet the performance characteristics in Table 23, E2/AS1
  • PSP Ltd supplied flashings must be used
Statement of Building Code Compliance

If designed, installed and maintained in accordance with all of the PSP Ltd requirements, the EuroClad Selekta Cladding will comply with or contribute to compliance with the following performance claims

  • B1 Structure: B1.3.1, B1.3.2, B1.3.3 (a, h, j, m, q)
    Alternative solution
    • Tested to EN 310 which specifies elasticity in bending and bending strength for wood-based panels
    • Tested to E2/VM1 which tested the performance of the weatherboards up to 2.5kPa
  • B2 Durability: B2.3.1(b)
    Alternative solution
    • TNO Science UV testing, July 2006
    • Tested to EN 317 which demonstrates the product has low water absorption
  • E2 External Moisture: E2.3.2, E2.3.3, E2.3.5, E2.3.7(a, b, c, d)
    Verification method: E2/VM1
    • Tested for water penetrations by Façade Lab
  • F2 Hazardous Building Materials: F2.3.1 
Other Performance Attributes
  • 15 year UV resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • High Rw acoustic rating
  • Fire group rating: AS/NZ 3837
Technical/Design Manual
EuroClad PASS v4


Fire Testing: AS 5113:2016
Fire Testing: AS/NZS 3837, AS 5113

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