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Décortech Exteriors

Décortech Exteriors: Elevating Exteriors through Innovative Cladding Systems

Profix Systems (6)

Ventilated, Drained and Concealed Fixing Systems

Proprietary Profix ventilated facade systems have been specifically designed by Décortech for use with Trespa Meteon panels. Profix systems offer ventilation, drainage and concealed fixing for both flat panel and weatherboard facades. They have been designed to address the four key principles of Drainage, Drying, Deflection and Durability.

Profix Proprietary systems are weather-tight offering unique and patented systems of ventilation, drainage and concealed fixing for both flat panel and weatherboard facades. Designed with differential movement in mind all Profix systems are fixed one-directional with built-in tolerance to allow for the natural movement that occurs between the framing, aluminum rails and the façade panel.

Profix ventilated facade systems deliver intelligent fixing methods that enable almost limitless design possibilities, these unique ventilating facades are designed to create functionality to Trespa Meteon panels. In industry studies, ventilated facade systems are a proven way to create energy-efficient, long-lasting facades, that are shown to reduce energy needs and improve interior environments to benefit occupants health.

Profix systems have been developed in New Zealand and tested to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. Profix flat panel and weatherboard facade systems have been tested to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4284, NZBC E2/AS1/VM1 and B2 respectively. Furthermore, all our systems have been Peer Reviewed by an IANZ accredited Façade Engineer and Durability Appraised by a Corrosion Specialist to ensure all elements comply with New Zealand durability standards. This includes colour stability and a life cycle analysis of our Trespa Meteon panels.

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