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ARDEX High-Resistivity Concrete Repair System

The ARDEX High-Resistivity Concrete Repair system is designed for reinstating concrete surfaces damaged through concrete spalling and other chemical or mechanical causes. The high-resistivity mortar offers excellent resistance to corrosion of embedded rebar.

  • Primer: ARDEX WR Prime
  • Bonding agent: ARDEX BRP 30 EP
  • Zinc primer: ARDEX BR 10 ZP
  • Additive: ARDEX WR Prime
  • Repair mortar: ARDEX BR 345
Key Features
  • Fibre reinforced
  • High resistivity: >15,000 ohms
  • Polymer modified
  • Can be applied up to 80mm
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete
  • Contains active corrosion inhibitor
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Primer improves adhesion and bond strength
  • Additive increases flexibility and working time
Scope of Use
  • Complies with EN 1504-3 R3
  • Structural: Reinstatement and rebuilding structural situations, re-profiling, protection
  • Suitable for internal or external use
  • Vertical, horizontal, overhead applications
  • Can be applied up to 80mm
Limitations on Use

 In accordance to best practice, as outlined in the ACRA Guide to Concrete Repair and Protection Concrete HB84-2006 Chapter 6, concrete should be removed from around and behind all corroding rebar to avoid future contamination of the repaired area. Exposed reinforcing must be cleaned and protected with ARDEX BR 10 ZP Zinc-rich Primer in a continuous film. 

Other Performance Attributes

Compressive Strength:

  • After 1 day: 10MPa
  • After 7 days: 20-30MPa
  • After 28 days: 30-45MPa

Flexural Strength:

  • After 28 days: 8MPa

Bulk Resistivity:

  • After 28 days: >15,000
  • After 56 days: >20,000
Product Info: ARDEX BR 10 ZP
Product Info: ARDEX BR 345
Product Info: ARDEX BRP 30 EP
Product Info: ARDEX WR Prime
Product Info: ARDEX WR Prime

ARDEX New Zealand supply and manufacture a range of quality construction materials, including products for levelling floors; external and internal waterproofing; and fixing natural stone and tiles.

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