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Prefabricated Louvres Save Time for Bay Terraces Lift Upgrades

An iconic Auckland building, the famous curved, landscaped balconies enjoy one of the prime positions in Mission Bay. Since the 1970’s, the apartments of Bay Terraces have looked out across to the famous fountain, where just as many people stand and look back to enjoy the architectural delights of the apartments. Yet time is the cruellest of bedfellows, so by 2019 upgrade work including new lifts, windows and facade improvements was necessary.

The new lifts meant alteration works were needed. Specifically, to support the lifts, custom fabricated steel frames were developed and then set on the rooftop. These frames also carried the equipment for ventilating the shafts. In this case, VL-55S louvres and centrifugal fans. Given the rooftop location and the need to minimise the disruption to occupants, Ventüer devised a methodology whereby the units were prefabricated off site, then installed via a crane later. The gains from this approach were significant, with the Ventüer team able to install the units within a single morning as opposed to an estimated two-week requirement if all work was to be carried out on site. It meant fewer people coming and going on a worksite. More importantly, it meant a reduced health and safety risk, with the assembly work carried out in a controlled factory environment, rather than a rooftop exposed to the elements and with the obvious risks associated with working at a reasonable elevation above ground.

The VL-55S louvres and centrifugal fans more than met the functional requirements for ventilation. With such a prestigious location, even though largely out of site on the rooftop, one of the main concerns was aesthetics. So the choice of VL-55S louvres was ideal. Their slimline, sleek appearance adds a neat and orderly quality that removes any visual trace of mechanical devices contained within. It works to add, rather than detract, from the refined feel of the stylish apartments.

The completed work should see this landmark building continue to age gracefully, benefitting from the best of modern technology and convenience whilst retaining the classical charm that is well known to visitors in Mission Bay.

Architect: Donald Design Ltd
Main Contractor: Orange Build
Products Supplied: VL-55S louvres

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