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The Invisible Ventilation Louvre

It’s perfectly reasonable to assume everyone appreciates the benefits of ventilation louvres. Everyone will appreciate the benefits of allowing fresh air into a building whilst keeping rain out. Yet despite doing all of that, not everyone likes the look of louvres. Especially where they clash with design and architectural intent. So what do you do? Is it possible to get all the benefits of a louvre without having a louvre?

It is now. There’s a new louvre system on the market from Ventüer that effectively conceals the louvres from plain sight. The louvre blades are there and work as intended. But to all intents and purposes they are invisible, allowing architects greater artistic freedom and to more fully realise their vision without the interference of building functionality.

Whilst the louvres aren’t visible, the secret to their invisibility is that they have been cleverly concealed behind a sheet of perforated aluminium. There are various perforated patterns available and each has been designed to offer something different visually, so as to blend with different building designs.

Like all good magic tricks though, just because you know the secret and how it’s performed doesn’t mean anyone can pull it off. The Ventüer VL-50PL Perforated Ventilation Louvre System is the only tested and certified system available in New Zealand, having been rigorously tested at BSRIA, the UK’s leading independent laboratory for testing HVAC products and systems.

That testing was necessary because one of the complications of such a system is knowing exactly how placing a sheet of perforated aluminium in front of louvres affects both the airflow and rain defence performance. The BS/EN:13030 certification data provided by the BSRIA testing ensures that both architects and mechanical engineers can have complete confidence when designing this product into their systems.

Apart from the clean looking aesthetics, there are additional benefits to ‘the invisible louvre system’, such as added security. It's impossible to unclip the louvre blades to gain entry. There’s also inbuilt protection against vermin and no need for a secondary mesh on the rear of the panel.

Yet it’s the aesthetics that appeal the most. One of the most impressive louvre systems on the market today might just be the one no-one can see.

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