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Metrotile Vents Bring Ventilation without Roof Penetration

Ventilation is a big topic these days when it comes to roof spaces and in-house ventilation. Modern houses become increasingly more insulated and air-tight, however, with cold and humid weather conditions like those in New Zealand, house owners may still experience water dripping from the exhaust cooker or other outlet vents from bathrooms or laundry rooms. These conditions can create serious moisture problems with attendant damage and health issues caused by mould and damp.

The Metrotile Vent is part of the High Performance Roofing Systems. The unique design of this roofing system means there are no penetration cuts on the roof, and no need for additional tradespeople to get up on the roof after the roofer has completed installation. It requires no further flashing, and is installed by a qualified roofer who is trained to install the weather-tight roofing system.

LV75 Roof Space Vents

The Metrotile LV75 roof space vent is designed to provide an integrated outlet for the passive release of moisture laden air from the roof space. When used in conjunction with venting at the eaves, it creates a simple in/out airflow pattern to adequately ventilate the roof space. In many parts of Europe with similar temperature variations to New Zealand, this type of venting is mandatory for the removal of moisture created inside all residential homes (from cooking, bathrooms, heating etc). In New Zealand it is fast becoming recognised that increasingly air-tight construction methods are allowing less of the natural moisture created in our homes to be released. This moisture-laden air often ends up in the roof space where it can condense on the roof.

HV110 Sanitary Vent

The sanitary vent provides a means to release sewage gases to the exterior of the structure or outdoors through the roof. Flow of air is the primary consideration in the design of a sanitary venting system for discharge from sanitary fixtures or appliances. The greatest benefit of these vents is that they are completely integrated into the roofing system, meaning complete weather-tightness and peace of mind.

HV160 Extraction Vent

The Extraction vent is designed to provide an integrated outlet for both passive and mechanically vented rooms. It is an ideal outlet for bathroom, kitchen and laundry extraction systems, but will work equally well as an outlet for any passively ducted areas where the release of moist air from the structure is desirable. It is preferable to after-market mushroom type roof vents that require a penetration in the roof, and additional flashings to retain the roof's weather-tight integrity.

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