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PalClad Pro PVC Wall Lining System

Covering large areas is now easy with PSP’s new PVC Wall Lining System, Palclad Pro, which has not only enhanced the appearance of hospitals, restaurants, food plants and agricultural areas, but maintains a clean and safe environment.

Palclad Pro contains silver ions and a natural antimicrobial agent with proven biocidal behaviour. It has excellent chemical resistance properties — especially against cleaning agents, making it the ideal choice for areas that need to remain hygienic and sterile. 

As well as Palclad Pro obtaining a Group 3 to Group 1 fire rating, making this system safe for your next wall-lining project, it can be easily thermoformed/fabricated and can be installed with either colour matched jointers or welding rods for a seamless finish.

Key Features
  • Excellent chemical resistance ƒ
  • High impact strength ƒ
  • Easily fabricated and formed ƒ
  • Highest fire rating, self-extinguishing ƒ
  • Glossy, Matte Hair-Cell or surfaces ƒ
  • High electrical and thermal insulation ƒ
  • Non toxic ƒ
  • PALOPAQUE HYG: Active hygiene
Scope of Use

Typical applications include:

Public Facilities, ƒschools, reset rooms, airports, public transportation, food industry, food plants, food preparation areas, sorting halls, storage/refrigeration rooms, healthcare, sterile/clean rooms, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical plants, agriculture, livestock and dairies, egg sorting halls, storage rooms, refrigeration facilities.


C Protection from Fire compliant
Protection from Fire
Interior Fire Rating 1S
Material Safety Data Sheet
Test Results
Palclad Pro Overview Flyer
Colour Range

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