August Feature: Ageing Population

Ove comfort height

Comfort Height Toilets Make Sitting and Standing Easier

Comfort height toilets measure between 43.18cm and 48.26cm in height from the floor to the top of the seat, whereas traditional toilets are below 43.18cm. The extra 5cm added to a comfort height toile...

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Warmup Wetroom solution med

Waterproof Wetrooms with Easy Access

The Warmup tiled shower and wetroom solution is BRANZ appraised to meet the demands and needs of specifiers, installers and homeowners who want a totally waterproof wet area in the bathroom. Warmup of...

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Escea Fireplace

Enjoy an Open Fire the Stress-Free Way

Traditional open-fronted fireplaces and wood fires are stunning, but rather than chopping, starting, stoking and cleaning wood fires, Escea gas fires offer a convenient, mess-free, efficient and good-...

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Door Closer 4310ME LCN

Adjustable Hold-Open for Fire or Smoke Barrier Doors

Introducing the LCN4310ME Series door closer – a heavy duty, electronically controlled closer/holder designed to provide adjustable hold-open for fire or smoke barrier doors. The LCN4310ME with the sw...

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