August Feature: Access and Flow


Audio and Visual Solutions to Enhance Activity-Based Working

Activity-based working is based on the principle that no employee 'owns' or has an assigned workstation. Rather, workspaces give employees areas to carry out tasks such as focusing, collaborating and ...

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AMI CoralTread1

Entrance Mats Critical to Safe and Attractive Access Routes

In this fast-paced life, people entering a building do not often stop and wipe their feet, so it's important that an entrance mat is long enough to ensure there are enough contacts between the entry m...

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Aquarius bathroom resize

Altro Aquarius Helps Heal the Path for Dementia Patients

With an ageing population preferring an amenity rich, inner city lifestyle it's no surprise that the future of aged care will be heading inwards and upwards. High-rise apartment buildings will support...

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Halliday + Baillie Lockset Impresses in the US

The HB1470, HB1475, HB1480 Series and HB1490 Series cover a range of door types and sizes from cavity sliders to pivot doors, in standard flush pull, snibbing, and privacy set configurations. As well ...

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