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Escea logo

Escea Fireplaces

Escea is a designer, manufacturer and exporter of edge gas fireplaces.

Roofing Industries logo publishable

Roofing Industries

Roofing Industries is the only 100% New Zealand privately owned and operated roof manufacturing company operating on a national basis.

Monket Toe logo canvas

Monkey Toe Systems

A leader in quality roof access, plant mounting, barrier and personal protection systems.

zone draft logo

Zone Architectural Products

Zone Architectural Products Ltd offer a select range of quality products for the commercial construction industry. Split into two categories, specialist coatings and architectural equipment, Zone’s focus is on time, cost and quality.

prime logo v7

Prime Panels

Prime Panels specialises in interior panel products, decorative features and architectural finishes.

horizontal logo formatted

Enviro Square

Enviro Square has been set up to promote the use of environmental friendly building materials and create a better living environment with one of the more advanced building materials in New Zealand.

Woodform Logo new

Woodform "The Woodbenders"

Woodform Design has pioneered research into technology to develop systems for the bending and shaping of solid timber and MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard).

USGeboss logo canvas v5

USG Boral

USG Boral (NZ) is a manufacturer and supplier of suspended ceilings, steel partitions, interior linings, membrane roof boards and plasterboard systems.

blue building eboss logo canvas

Blue Building Solutions

Blue Building Solutions provide complete passive ventilation systems that ensure healthy homes free from internal moisture and condensation.

provista logo formatted

Provista Balustrade Systems

Provista Balustrade Systems develop and supply quality balustrade and pool fence solutions via New Zealand's only dedicated balustrade specialist network.

Pro Clima logo

Pro Clima

pro clima is a leading manufacturer of air and weather tightness patented building systems which generate high performance and durability of the building envelope, providing healthy, energy efficient and sustainable environments.

Fireshield logo canvas

Fireshield Fire Protection Coatings

Fire Protection Coatings Ltd imports and distributes Europe’s leading intumescent coatings for timber and steel, with easy to use, cost effective and environmentally friendly products.

colorsteel new logo format


Colorsteel pre-painted steel products are used in building applications: roofs, fascias, gutters and cladding.

autodor new logo


Autodor is the exclusive New Zealand supplier of Swiss engineered Gilgen automatic door and wall systems.

Metrotile Logo

Metrotile Roofing Systems

Established in 1989 by the Ross Roof Group, Metrotile Roofing Systems has spent the last quarter-century supplying architects, construction firms and homeowners with tiles that are pleasing to the eye and designed to withstand the elements.

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