July Feature: Thermal Performance (H1)

Emseal Colorseal

Thermal Benefits with Seismic Colorseal Joint Sealant

Thermal rating of structural expansion joint seals is seldom among product selection criteria. Yet the product chosen to seal large structural expansion joint gaps could be setting the R-Value for ent...

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SuperQuilt Insulation Blanket 1

SuperQuilt's Multi Layered Insulation Wall Blanket Achieves High R-Value

The SuperQuilt Multi Layered Insulation Blanket is made up of nineteen layers and a total thickness of 40mm. Featuring a high R-Value, it also acts as a moisture vapour barrier, and is achieved by tap...

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Wall installed

Mammoth Surpasses Wall Thermal Performance Tests

Insulation plays an important role in creating a healthier, warmer and more energy-efficient home, and products with the same R-Value can vary greatly in performance in real construction systems. Mamm...

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H1 Thermal Insulation Met with HVAC Systems

Through the use of specialty products, Potter Interior Systems offer compliant solutions to both H1 and C1 Clauses of the New Zealand Building Code with tested group numbers, thermal testing and certi...

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