April Feature: Fire Rating


Cold-Formed Steel Framing a Strong Performer in Fires

In February 2013, Rohit Pantham from the University of Auckland’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering – under the supervision of Dr Charles Clifton, Associate Professor of Civil Engineer...

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New PVC Wall Lining Meets Fire Regulations

Palclad Pro enhances the appearance of hospitals, restaurants, food plants and agricultural areas while helping maintain a clean and safe environment. Palclad Pro contains silver ions and a natural an...

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Polyflor walls and floors reception 07

Polyflor's Code Compliant Walls and Floors for Christchurch Hospital

Polyclad and Polyclad Plus are specifically made for walls and are designed to reduce the risk of flame spread.  Tested by BRANZ, Polyclad achieves a Group 1 rating. Polyflor’s range of resilient safe...

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Multipart ACO

ACO Multiparts with Fire Ratings for Increased Protection

Multipart access covers combine standard size covers in multiple rows and lengths.  They are used when a single-part cover does not offer a large enough clear opening or if smaller individual covers a...

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