October Feature: Acoustic Performance


A Contemporary Approach to Acoustic Solutions

For this to be effective, its conferencing approach requires a realistic virtual presence between participants. Room acoustics and speech intelligibility are fundamental components in making video con...

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Asona Acoustic Cloud Panels Chosen for $17m School Health Centre

The health and fitness centre cost $17 million and houses a 25m swimming pool with a moveable floor, a learners' pool, fitness centre and a 250-seat spectator gallery. It is one of the biggest buildin...

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The Quiet Benefit of Bricks

Bricks have been used to clad buildings for centuries and continue to be one of the most popular cladding options in New Zealand. This is not surprising given the vast number of benefits clay bricks o...

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Six Ways to Improve Office Acoustics with Potter Interior Systems

Potter Interior Systems has been proven over the years to successfully reduce all types of unwanted noise that come with modern industrial, HVAC and plumbing systems in all buildings and structures, b...

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