Developer API

The EBOSS REST API for Developers allows EBOSS hosted product suppliers to access and display their catalogue data stored in the EBOSS product library.

The following options are available depending on requirements for customisation and developer skill level.

iFrame Snippet

EBOSS can provide a snippet of code that developers can place on any page on a supplier's website. It will display the supplier's full EBOSS catalogue via an iFrame with simple, universal styling.

Stand-alone API powered catalogue application

An easy to install and use stand-alone catalogue (similar to the above example in appearance) that can quickly be integrated with PHP websites. This can be uploaded directly to a website and function out of the box. Unlike the iFrame Snippet, it allows for tweaks to the EBOSS catalogue with an intermediate level of skill.

PHP wrapper class for integration into PHP websites

Intermediate skill level required, allows the use of EBOSS API data for custom built PHP web applications.

Raw REST API data access

This is for advanced users only, providing the most flexibility for customisation, including the ability to write custom programming language wrappers (as currently only a PHP wrapper has been developed).