Publishing Dates

Below is a list of upcoming submission deadlines for EBOSSNOW articles, monthly feature topics* (optional) and publishing dates. 

Please note that all articles are due on the same date, regardless of which newsletter they will be included in.

If you require a deadline extension, please contact the Assistant Content Manager before the submission deadline.

Month Submission Deadline  Monthly Feature Topic* (optional) Articles Published

March 2017

Thu, Feb 16

Bathroom Innovations

Wed, Mar 1

April 2017

Thu, Mar 16


Mon, Apr 3

May 2017

Wed, Apr 12

High-Density Residential

Mon, May 1

June 2017

Thu, May 18

Design Tools & Resources (Design Apps & Calculators)

Thu, Jun 1

July 2017

Thu, Jun 15

Structural Solutions

Mon, Jul 3

August 2017

Thu, Jul 13

Energy-Efficient Solutions

Tue, Aug 1

*Where your products or projects do not fit in with the Monthly Feature topic, you can still submit an article or case study for our more general 'Interiors' or 'Exteriors' publications. The due date remains the same.

EBOSSNOW Email Newsletter Send Dates: 

Month Monthly Feature Newsletter Interiors Newsletter Exteriors Newsletter
March 2017 Tue, Mar 7 Tue, Mar 21 Tue, Mar 14
April 2017 Tue, Apr 4 Tue, Apr 19 Wed, Apr 11
May 2017 Tue, May 2 Tue, May 9 Tue, May 16
June 2017 Wed, Jun 7 Tue, Jun 13 Tue, Jun 20
July 2017 Tue, Jul 4 Tue, Jul 11 Tue, Jul 18
August 2017 Tue, Aug 7 Tue, Aug 8 Tue, Aug 15