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Strata Flooring: Residential

Strata Residential is multi-layer vinyl flooring in plank form, embossed to give the look and feel of real wood.

Strata plank flooring features ISOCORE, an innovative highly engineered closed-cell foam PVC core. This delivers rigidity and strength yet is lightweight and easy to handle and install.  The simple drop-and-lock end joints make installation easy. A solid virgin vinyl layer enhances durability and provides exceptional embossing detail and texture. Strata does not require acclimatisation if being used in a residential setting.


  • Extruded ISOCORE layer: 4.0mm
  • Top layer: 1.5mm
  • Wear layer: 0.3mm
  • Overall thickness: 5.5mm
  • Use: Residential/domestic
  • Finish: Urethane with enhanced ceramic bead and Ultra-Fresh
  • Plank size: 190 x 1210mm
Key Features
  • 100% waterproof (not a membrane)
  • Increased Dimensional Stability allowing use over larger areas
  • Resistant to indentation 60% greater than solid vinyl click floors
  • Locking strength four times as strong as solid vinyl click floors
  • Outstanding in room and transfer acoustics (with underlay)
  • Easy install with Droplock 100 system
  • Ultra-fresh anti-microbial protection
  • Available in four colours
  • 15 year warranty
Scope of Use
  • Suitable for use in residential flooring applications
  • Ideal for domestic use, student accommodation and multi-level apartment developments
  • Recommended for wet areas
  • Can be installed over existing tiles and vinyl
  • Floating installation — no adhesive required 
  • Does not require acclimatisation
Limitations on Use
  • While Strata flooring is 100% water proof it is not a tanking solution
  • For installation in wet rooms or bathrooms a certified tanking solution must be installed first by qualified tradesperson in accordance with the building code  
  • Strata is not recommended for use in showers
  • Strata is not recommended for use outside, in sunrooms/solariums, saunas, seasonal porches, camping trailers, boats, RVs, or rooms that have the potential for flooding
Statement of Building Code Compliance

Manufacturer has provided testing for a product of similar specification. Based on comparison, Strata has the following results:

Classification for level of use:

  • EN ISO 10582 and 10874. Class 31. (Wear layer ≥0.30mm, thickness ≥ 2.0mm)

Dimensional stability:

  • (Due to variation in temperature) EN ISO 23999 ≤0.25%

PCP content:

  • EN14041 <5ppm — Passes requirements

Formaldehyde emissions:

  • EN 717-1 Class E1: Release ≤0.124mq/m3 — Passes requirements

Fire testing summary of results:

Testing carried out by AWTA, Victoria, Australia
Residential  Mean 
 CHF Value 5.7  5.3  6.1  5.7kW/m² 
Smoke Value  147 118 135  133% min 

Slip testing summary of results:

Testing carried out by ISTS
Product/Pattern Residential/
Mighty Oak
Classification W
Pendulum Mean BPN (4S Rubber) 46BPN
Notional contribution of floor surface to the risk of slipping when wet LOW

Impact sound insulation (when installed with required underlay):

  • EN ISO 10140-3, ISO 717-2, EN ISO 140-8: △Lw =18dB

Chemical resistance:

  • EN ISO 26987 / EN 423 — No effect

Product content safety:

  • REACH SVHC 169 — Passes requirements
In-Service History

Strata was developed in 2017 for the New Zealand market. Multi Layer flooring has been installed in projects throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA.

ISOCORE technology is distributed by:

  • Aspecta Global — Commercial Flooring in Europe and Asia
  • Metroflor in the USA through its Genesis brand
  • Home Depot under the Lifeproof brand
Other Performance Attributes
  • Superior dimensional stability — up to 150m2 without expansion gaps, 18-29° (perimeter gaps of 10mm still required)
  • Resistant to indentation 60% greater than solid vinyl click floors
  • Locking strength four times stronger than solid vinyl click floors
  • 100% virgin PVC resins — no locally sourced PVC post-consumer recyclate ensures no heavy metals or other contaminants are present
  • Heat resistant up to 70°c 


  • 15 years residential/domestic use
Fire Testing Report
Test Results: Slip Resistance
Owners Manual: Installation Guide
Colour Range

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