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Profilit U-Channel Glazing System

Profilit is a glazing system of cast glass U-shaped channels that have high structural strength and are contained within a custom-designed aluminium perimeter frame. The 'U-shaped' channels are installed vertically in continuous walls, using single or double shells.  The end result is a wall that obscures vision but allows light to pass through while presenting a translucent external appearance.

The visual impact due to light diffusion and aesthetic features of the glass, ranks Profilit as being ideal for exterior facades and internal partitions.

Key Features
  • A high light diffusion which allows the passage of light whilst maintaining privacy.
  • Ability to span vertically up to 5 metres between supports when using a double shell for internal applications.
  • Sound insulation up to 40dB for double shell and 25dB for single shell walls.
  • Allows the construction of curved walls.
  • Aluminium perimeter frame provides structural support.
  • Framing can be colour powder-coated to suit.
  • Proven performance – used in Europe for over 30 years.


Profilit is availble in two textured glass options.

  • 'Stipple' – a lightly dimpled surface
  • 'Slim Line' – thin linear grooves.

The surface pattern affects light dispersion and translucency. The double shell adds an opportunity for increased design and opacity.

Scope of Use
  • Aluminium perimeter frames are extruded from window grade alloy.
  • The frames consist of a basic channel system with a plastic insert for the glass.
  • Frame finishes offered include anodized, painted and mill finish.
  • Can be fitted into a range of substrates – steel, concrete block and timber.
  • Light transmission 86% for single shell and 75% for double shell.


  • Partitions
  • External walls
  • Courtyards
  • Garages
  • Stairways
Product Assurance
Span Tables
Other Literature
CAD/PDF Details
Profilit External Installation: Concrete
Profilit External Installation: Steel
Profilit External Installation: Titan board
Profilit Internal Installation: Potters Frame and Door Jamb
Profilit Internal Installation: Timber
Profilit K25-60-7 Standard Vertical Glazing
Profilit Radius for Curved Installation

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